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US List of State Sponsors of Terror May Grow

Venezuela could be added over alleged ties to terrorist groups

(Newser) - The US list of state sponsors of terror may grow to five. The Trump administration is considering adding Venezuela to the list of countries providing "support for acts of international terrorism," already including Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea, reports the Washington Post . The outlet notes the State... More »

North Korea's Response to Terror Relisting in 5 Quotes

'Old lunatic Trump' has spurred the people to erupt in 'hate and spirit to destroy the enemy'

(Newser) - What does North Korea think of the US' Monday decision to relist it as a state sponsor of terror ? Now we know: In the country's first public statement on the subject, a rep for the Foreign Ministry tells state-run KCNA that while North Korea doesn't care "... More »

Trump to Declare North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism

White House cites killing of Kim Jong Un's half brother as one example

(Newser) - President Trump said Monday that he intends to declare North Korea a state sponsor of terror. Trump called the move a long overdue step and part of the US "maximum pressure campaign" against Pyongyang, per the AP . North Korea was last on the US list of state sponsors of... More »

Kerry Considers Removing Cuba From Terror List

Boston Globe: State Department officials think Havana has cut ties with terror groups

(Newser) - With senior US diplomats determining Cuba is no longer supporting terrorist groups such as Colombia's FARC rebels, the State Department could be poised to remove Cuba from its list of states that sponsor terrorism, reports the Boston Globe . "There is a pretty clear case ... that they don’t... More »

US: Cuba Still a 'Sponsor of Terrorism'

Cuba angrily 'demands that the government of the United States stop lying'

(Newser) - How's this for an anniversary: The US has renewed Cuba's spot on its "state sponsors of terrorism" blacklist for the 30th year in a row, the State Department has announced. The move infuriated Cuba, which released a statement saying it "energetically rejects such a sensitive issue... More »

Cuba Doesn't Belong on New Screening List

Al-Qaeda in Havana? This is just a 'big waste of time'

(Newser) - The terrorist threat from Cuba “can be measured at precisely zero,” Eugene Robinson writes, so why did it make the list of nations whose residents will get extra screening at airports? The answer is simple, and ridiculous: The US persists in considering Cuba a “state sponsor of... More »

Journos May Be N. Korea's 'Trump Card' in Nuke Talks

(Newser) - North Korea’s sentencing of two US journalists to hard labor further complicates relations between the nations, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The White House seeks tougher UN sanctions against North Korea after it tested a nuclear bomb last month, and experts say the sentences’ timing is no coincidence. “... More »

US May Yank N. Korea Off Terror List

Strategy to restart nuclear diplomacy

(Newser) - The US is expected to provisionally remove North Korea from the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism, possibly as early as today, reports the Washington Post. It may be the Bush administration's last "carrot" to offer as diplomatic efforts to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear... More »

Bush's North Korea Deal Is 'Total Intellectual Collapse'

Bolton: US caved to Kim in act of 'theater'

(Newser) - The latest US deal with North Korea—taking the North off its state terror list in exchange for a nuclear declaration—is a travesty and intellectual capitulation in pursuit of burnishing President Bush's legacy, former UN ambassador John Bolton writes in a predictably scathing piece in the Wall Street Journal.... More »

N. Korea Blows Up Nuclear Tower

Move both symbolic and practical, since tower would take year to rebuild

(Newser) - North Korea demolished the biggest symbol of its nuclear program today, destroying the water tower of its Yongbyon plutonium facility, which had been used to extract plutonium to build nuclear weapons until it was decommissioned last year. But the huge implosion wasn’t just symbolic—the tower would take at... More »

Bush to Ask Congress to Take N. Korea off Terror List

In return, Pyongyang will permanently disable reactor

(Newser) - President Bush will ask Congress tomorrow to remove North Korea from the “terrorist watch list,” reports Steve Clemons in the Washington Note, a move meant to build confidence with Kim Jong-Il and China in the quest to bring the North back from its nuclear pariah status. In return,... More »

Recovered Data Links Venezuela to FARC Rebels

US, studying evidence, won't yet call Chavez a terror sponsor

(Newser) - Possible links between Hugo Chavez’ Venezuelan government and the Colombian FARC guerrilla group concern Washington, but US officials aren't yet saying the nation will be declared a state sponsor of terrorism, Reuters reports. Colombia said computers seized in a March 1 raid on a FARC base in Ecuador contain evidence... More »

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