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Internet Sales Tax? It's About Time

So says Daniel Gross at Daily Beast, though eBay begs to differ

(Newser) - A bill to impose a sales tax on Internet shoppers is moving through Congress, and Daniel Gross at the Daily Beast says it's long overdue. Online retail has become such a huge part of how Americans shop that it no longer deserves any special treatment, he argues. Plus, state... More » Tweaks AP, Wants $17.50 for Quotes

Internet auction site says wire service pilfered its blog post

(Newser) - "Deal-a-day" auction site is razzing the Associated Press for its coverage of Amazon's recent purchase of the site. In its story , the AP quoted from a Woot blog post. "Why, isn’t that the very thing you've previously told nu-media bloggers they're not supposed to do?"... More »

Democrats Push Internet Sales Tax

Bill is reintroduced in Congress

(Newser) - Massachusetts congressman Bill Delahunt has reintroduced legislation imposing state sales tax on Internet purchases. Currently, such transactions are tax-free unless the vendor has physical presence in the buyer's state. Proponents of the bill, who include large "brick and mortar" retailers such as Wall-Mart, define the push as a fairness... More »

Worldwide Outage Stymies PayPal Customers

(Newser) - Online pay service PayPal was down for about five hours today, the Wall Street Journal reports, potentially derailing millions of transactions. A rep for parent eBay attributed the outage to an “internal network hardware issue,” and couldn’t say how many customers were affected; PayPal has previously said... More »

Cheap—and Good— Wine Websites

Wineries, buyers both benefit from direct sales

(Newser) - With wine sales plateauing, wineries are embracing direct, discounted sales in what amounts to a win-win situation for sellers and buyers. The Los Angeles Times singles out the top discount websites:
  • sells one wine at a time until it’s gone. The site usually offers two or three
... More »

Toddler Buys $20K Digger Online

Girl, 3, wins auction for heavy machinery while parents are sleeping

(Newser) - A tech-savvy New Zealand 3-year-old bought a $20,000 piece of heavy machinery while her parents were sleeping, the Daily Telegraph reports. Pipi Quinland went to the family computer after waking up early, entered the online auction site TradeMe—her mom had logged on earlier—and won an auction for... More »

Palin-phernalia Floods Web

Merchandise ranges from eyeglasses to hockey pucks

(Newser) - In less than a month, Sarah Palin has gone from virtual unknown to merchandising bonanza—at least online. From action figures, aka dolls, to a piece of toast with a pattern that supposedly resembled the Alaska governor, Palin accounts for a selection of items both broader and weirder than the... More »

Fashionistas Chase Fleeting Bargains Online

Sites court shoppers with flash sales on designer brands

(Newser) - New online shops are hooking up high-end customers with discount flash sales on luxury goods such as designer bags and shoes. Alerting members via text message, the members-only sites sell items in private sales that often begin immediately and can last just hours. The created frenzy works: Customers of one... More »

Book Publisher Takes Stab at New Model

HarperCollins imprint won't allow returns from retailers

(Newser) - HarperCollins has decided to rock the book-publishing boat, the Wall Street Journal reports. It’s launching a new imprint that won’t allow retailers to return unsold books—a potentially risky departure from tradition—and will offer little or no advance payments to authors. The imprint will focus on online... More »

Facebook to Users: Sell Stuff, Get Paid

If their friends buy recommended products, they get a commission

(Newser) - Facebook has rolled out a new service that encourages users to recommend products to their friends and make a little money in the process, AP reports. Called Market Lodge, the program allows users to set up personal stores on their Facebook pages and hawk a variety of products from a... More »

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