Pakistan intelligence services

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CIA 'Thought Pakistan Poisoned Spy Chief'

He had to leave after 2011 medical crisis

(Newser) - The relationship between the CIA and its Pakistani counterpart around the time of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden wasn't just bad, it may have been murderous, sources tell the Washington Post . Mark Kelton, the CIA's Pakistan station chief in 2011, was violently ill with unexplained stomach... More »

Interrogator on bin Laden Wives: 1 Interesting, 2 Boring

But Pakistani intelligence agent learned little

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden's three wives mostly stayed mum while being questioned, reveals the Pakistani intelligence agent who interrogated them. Despite speaking with them (or, at least, trying to) once or twice a week for months, the agent tells Reuters he didn't garner much that was useful. But it... More »

US Had Secret Talks With Haqqani Network

Meeting was set up by Pakistan's ISI

(Newser) - The US held at least one secret peace negotiation this summer with the Haqqani Network, the militant group at the center of its current public spat with Pakistan, senior officials tell the Wall Street Journal . The meeting was set up by Pakistani intelligence, which the US says confirms its suspicions... More »

Pakistan to US: 'No Boots on Ground'

And denies any link to the Haqqani network

(Newser) - Pakistan is shoving back against US accusations and ultimatums over its connection with the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani network, denying any involvement and warning the US against crossing the border to deal with the insurgents unilaterally. “The Pakistan nation will not allow the boots on our ground, never,” Interior Minister... More »

US to Pakistan: Take Out Haqqani

Or we will; rhetoric increasing in wake of embassy attack

(Newser) - US officials have been sending Pakistan an increasingly sharp message in recent days: Take out the Haqqani Taliban network, or we will. Pakistan’s intelligence service has a longstanding relationship with the Haqqani network—Adm. Mike Mullen described it as a “proxy connection”—but after a series of... More »

Pakistan on Dead Journo: Accusation 'Irresponsible'

It is definitely not happy with what Adm. Mike Mullen had to say

(Newser) - Pakistan is furious today over US allegations that it tortured and killed journalist Saleem Shahzad. A few days ago, US military officials were reluctant to even anonymously confirm that the Pentagon suspected the ISI in the killing, but yesterday Admiral Mike Mullen himself said he believed Pakistan’s government had... More »

US Links Pakistan's ISI to Journalist's Murder

Spies allegedly silenced Saleen Shahzad after articles tying military to militants

(Newser) - The US has obtained classified intelligence that shows that Pakistan’s ISI spy agency ordered the killing of journalist Saleem Shahzad, senior administration officials tell the New York Times . Several officials say the intelligence is reliable and conclusive, with one calling the ISI’s actions “barbaric and unacceptable.”... More »

Chicago Trial Could Link Pakistan to Terror Group

Jury selection begins today in Tahawwur Rana trial

(Newser) - Jury selection begins today in a Chicago trial that could reveal links between Pakistan's intelligence agency and the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks. The trial of Chicago businessman Tahawwur Rana, accused of helping David Coleman Headley serve as a scout for the attacks, "will undoubtedly demonstrate links between Pakistan... More »

Pakistan Parliament Condemns bin Laden Raid

Intelligence chief denounces US, says he is ready to resign

(Newser) - Pakistan's parliament has condemned the US raid that killed Osama bin Laden, and passed a resolution stating that Pakistan will revisit its ties with the US. Supply lines to US troops in Afghanistan could be cut if there are any more such attacks, parliament warned. The announcement came at... More »

Sen. Levin: Pakistan Has Tough Questions to Answer

Senators wonder how much nation's intelligence services knew

(Newser) - Pakistan is going to have to answer some tough questions about whether members of its military and intelligence services knew where Osama bin Laden was, warns Sen. Carl Levin. The Democrat, chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, suggested that the security arms of the Pakistani government may have known... More »

US: Pakistan's Spy Agency Is al-Qaeda Supporter

ISI's association with terror group used as an excuse to detain people

(Newser) - The US military has considered Pakistan’s spy agency an al-Qaeda support group since 2007—and has used association with it to justify imprisoning people in Guantanamo Bay, the latest crop of WikiLeaks documents reveals. The ISI is listed alongside the likes of al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iranian intelligence, and dozens... More »

Pakistan Demands Role in Afghan Peace Talks

If they're even happening at all...

(Newser) - Pakistani security officials say they’re frustrated that they haven’t been invited to participate in Afghan/Taliban peace talks, warning that no peace deal will succeed without their involvement. In interviews with the Washington Post ISI officials say the US hasn’t even told them which Taliban leaders are involved... More »

Pakistan Pushes Taliban to Keep Fighting: Report

Militants say ISI threatens to arrest them if they don't

(Newser) - Pakistani intelligence has been actively pressuring the Taliban to continue fighting in Afghanistan, even threatening to arrest them if they don’t, Afghan militants tell the Wall Street Journal . Taliban commanders say pressure from the ISI is one of the main reasons that few have taken the Afghan government up... More »

Pakistan's Spy Agency Arms, Trains Taliban: Report

ISI allegedly trains and funds militants

(Newser) - Pakistan's main spy agency continues to arm and train the Taliban and is even represented on the group's leadership council despite US pressure to sever ties and billions in aid to combat the militants, a research report concluded. "Pakistan's apparent involvement in a double-game of this scale could have... More »

Joint Sting Bags Another Key Taliban Leader

US-Pakistan effort captures provincial 'shadow governor'

(Newser) - On the heels of news that US and Pakistani forces working together captured the Taliban’s No. 2 leader comes word that the cooperative effort has bagged the group’s “shadow governor” of Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz province. The Pakistanis pinched Mullah Abdul Salam last week in the northeastern... More »

US-Pakistan Raid Nets Taliban's Military Chief

Mullah Baradar best capture yet: officials

(Newser) - American officials say they’ve scored their best enemy capture since the beginning of the Afghanistan war, nabbing the Taliban’s military chief in Pakistan in a joint operation with that country’s security services. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is second only in influence to spiritual leader Mullah Muhammad Omar,... More »

Pakistani Intelligence Sheltering Taliban Leader

Mullah Omar hiding in Karachi: US sources

(Newser) - Pakistan’s intelligence service is secretly sheltering the Taliban’s top leader, US intelligence sources tell the Washington Times —helping Mullah Omar escape from the town of Quetta, along the Afghanistan border, to the port city of Karachi, deep within Pakistan. The sources say Mullah Omar is leading a... More »

Alleged Mumbai Masterminds Test Pakistan

Banned terror group has operated for years with elite backing

(Newser) - As evidence mounts that the Mumbai attackers had links to a Pakistani militant organization, the nation's new civilian government is facing the toughest test yet of its ability—and its will—to stop terrorism. Pakistan has banned Lashkar-e-Taiba, the group blamed for the attacks. But the Islamist group has operated... More »

Pakistan Backpedals, Won't Send Intel Chief to India

Historic visit will be the first of an ISI chief in history.

(Newser) - Pakistan made an abrupt about-face today and announced it would send an intelligence representative, not its intelligence chief, to India to aid in the investigation of the Mumbai terror attacks, the Hindustan Times reports. India had demanded that the ISI chief visit, and Pakistan agreed, but backtracked after a late-night... More »

Pakistan Aided Kabul Embassy Attack: US

Messages between militants and spy agency intercepted

(Newser) - American intelligence has determined that members of Pakistan's powerful spy agency helped to plan July's bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul, reports the New York Times. US authorities based their findings on intercepted messages between the attackers and Pakistani intelligence officers. American officials also obtained new evidence that the... More »

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