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Romney, Obama in Dead Heat

Santorum's exit gives him a boost: CBS/ NY Times

(Newser) - Another new poll (like this one before it) suggests that Rick Santorum's exit from the race has pushed Republicans to rally behind Mitt Romney. A CBS/New York Times survey of registered voters has Romney dead even with President Obama at 46%. Last month, the president held a 3-point lead.... More »

Another Poll: Obama Tumbling

Approval rating drops 9 points in a month

(Newser) - Another poll has found President Obama's approval ratings falling sharply, and the Republican contenders gaining. The New York Times / CBS poll found that Obama's approval rating has dropped 9 points from just a month ago to 41%, with voters increasingly unsure about his handling of foreign affairs.... More »

Romney, Santorum: It's a Tie

Two candidates are basically sharing first place at this point

(Newser) - Three polls, three declarations about Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum: virtual tie, statistical tie, and essential tie. According to Pew , Gallup , and the New York Times/CBS News , Romney officially has some company at the top following Santorum's wins in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri :
  • Pew's poll, released yesterday, puts
... More »

Obama's Achilles Heel: Independents

But they've turned on GOP in Congress even more

(Newser) - Independent voters were key to President Obama's victory in 2008, but this year he may have a tougher time winning them over. Only 31% of independents say they view Obama favorably, while two-thirds say he's done little to improve the economy, a New York Times /CBS poll finds.... More »

American Pessimism Hits 2-Year High

70% feel country headed down wrong path

(Newser) - It's springtime—and despair is in the air, according to the latest New York Times /CBS poll. Americans are more pessimistic about the economy and the direction the nation is headed than at any time since the start of the Obama administration, when the country was deep in recession,... More »

Polls Offer Glimmers of Hope for Democrats

People don't like them, but more people dislike Republicans

(Newser) - If Democrats are desperate for signs of hope heading into the midterms, two new polls may be about as good as they're going to get:
  • A New York Times/CBS survey finds that while most people (63%) don't like them, even more (73%) don't like Republicans. The stat provides "a
... More »

Tea Partiers' Common Thread: Glenn Beck

Talking head, Fox News provide the movement's 'water cooler'

(Newser) - Of all the data points from the recent mega-poll of tea party members , one stands supreme to Nate Silver: They really like Glenn Beck. "Do the math, and you'll find that 59% of those who do think highly of Beck consider themselves a part of the tea party. This... More »

Poll Lays Bare Jobless Toll on Families

Parents are panicked and ashamed, kids are anxious as savings go

(Newser) - Unemployment is taking an alarming toll on the mental health and family life of American workers, a New York Times / CBS poll finds. Some 86% say unemployment has caused a life crisis. Almost half say they've suffered from anxiety and depression, they've argued more with their family and friends... More »

Obama Slips in New Polls

(Newser) - Two big polls are out with the same general conclusion: President Obama is losing support for his health care overhaul among the public, and his approval rating is settling in to mere mortal levels. A Wall Street Journal/NBC survey puts his approval rating at 53%, down 3 points in a... More »

Obama's Approval Rating Softens

Economy pulls down numbers

(Newser) - Concerns over the economy are weighing down President Obama’s poll numbers, which have fallen to their lowest point since his inauguration, Politico reports. Obama’s 57% approval rating in a Gallup tracking poll this weekend remains high, but a series of recent polls find his support falling among Republicans... More »

Poll Reveals Broad Support for Government Health Care

Results suggest partisan divide

(Newser) - Seventy-two percent of Americans support a government-backed health care plan that would compete with private insurance providers, a New York Times/CBS poll reveals. A majority of Americans also believe the government would keep costs down more effectively than private insurers, and 64% think the government should guarantee its citizens health... More »

NYT Poll Continues Theme: Control the Deficit

(Newser) - The second major poll of the day is out, and a clear theme is emerging for President Obama: Take care of the budget deficit. About 60% of respondents in a New York Times/CBS poll say the president hasn't developed a clear strategy to keep the deficit down. The findings echo... More »

Obama Approval Hits 66% High in New Poll

Prez lauded on foreign policy, economy, but not from GOP voters

(Newser) - President Obama's approval ratings are at the highest since he took office, according to the latest CBS News/New York Times poll. Of those surveyed, 66% approve of how Obama is handling the job, up two points from last month, and 67% said they believed world leaders respected the US president,... More »

Obama Lead Up to 14 Points Amid Mac Attacks: Poll

Poll finds Obama ahead 53% to 14% after McCain blows fail to land

(Newser) - John McCain's flurry of attacks against Barack Obama has done the Republican more harm than his opponent, according to the latest New York Times/CBS poll. Obama now commands a 53% to 39% lead, with voters seeing McCain as running the more negative campaign of the two, the poll found. More... More »

Racial Divide Persists Despite Obama: Poll

Racial attitudes have barely budged despite groundbreaking run

(Newser) - Barack Obama's often hailed "post-racial" run for the White House is, in fact, unfolding in an America still sharply divided by race, a New York Times/CBS News poll has discovered. The lives of most Americans are as racially segregated as they were 8 years ago, the poll says. Black... More »

Obama Loses Ground: Poll

Support softens, lead among men falls

(Newser) - Barack Obama's popularity has slipped in the past month, especially among men and rich voters, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll. His favorability rating dropped 7 percentage points to 62% during the fallout over inflammatory remarks from his pastor, but the dropoff appears to have leveled off, the... More »

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