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Crab Is Seen Hunting a Bird in 'Gruesome' First

Coconut crabs were previously thought to be scavengers

(Newser) - Seabirds apparently have a surprising new predator to worry about. A researcher who worked on the Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean in 2016 says he witnessed a large coconut crab attack a sleeping seabird, which then became dinner. Mark Laidre of Dartmouth College says he first spotted a crab... More »

Cops: Hungry Burglar Cooked Crabcakes

He was busted in Delaware cafe's kitchen

(Newser) - Going to a restaurant for crabcakes and a few drinks isn't exactly unusual behavior in the mid-Atlantic states, but most people do it when the place is open. Not Stephen Quinn: Police following up on a report of somebody breaking the glass front door of a cafe in Rehoboth... More »

Do You Have Alien Insurance?

Behold the 5 weirdest insurance policies ever sold

(Newser) - Sure, you’ve got health insurance, car insurance and homeowner’s insurance, but do you have alien abduction insurance? One company actually offers such coverage, and it’s the top entry on Asylum ’s list of the wackiest policies ever devised. Here’s the list:
  • Immaculate Conception: Three
... More »

Hooker Crabs Swap Sex for Safety

Male crabs rewarded with sex for defending neighbors

(Newser) - Selling sex is the key to survival in the seedy world of fiddler crabs, according to Australian researchers. Scientists studying the burrow-dwelling, highly territorial creatures found that male fiddler crabs fought off intruders to protect female neighbors—who lack the male's huge claw—far more often than they would aid... More »

No Wonder They're Crabby: Crabs Feel Pain

Laws should consider the suffering of crustaceans, scientist says

(Newser) - Before you drop another crab into a boiling pot of water, take note: Crabs feel pain. Scientists don’t fully understand pain in humans, but do now know that crustaceans respond to discomfort and keep a memory of it, LiveScience reports. Hermit crabs that were shocked fled their shells, “... More »

Claws Célèbre: Maryland Plans Pinch on Crab Harvest

Drastic measures proposed to halt decline of Chesapeake crabs

(Newser) - Faced with the lowest catch in decades, Maryland is taking steps to help stem the blue crab's decline. Tough measures are being proposed that would cut the harvest of female crabs by up to 40%, the Baltimore Sun reports. The state says urgent action is needed to stop the Chesapeake... More »

6 Stories