Seven Deadly Sins

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Prejean's Speech

(Newser) - For some reason, people are still listening to Carrie Prejean. The Value Voters Summit even had her give a speech recently (see video). But Prejean made a few mistakes, or sins if you like, writes Oliver Miller for
  • Pride: “You know who doesn’t feel the need
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7 Deadly Sins? Try These On for Size

PJ O'Rourke disagrees with Vatican, comes up with his own no-nos

(Newser) - The Vatican has released a list of seven new Deadly Sins, and satirist-curmudgeon PJ O’Rourke isn’t impressed. Writing in the Weekly Standard, O’Rourke details the updated catalogue, which includes “morally debatable experimentation,” “social inequality and injustice,” and “genetic manipulation.” Finding it... More »

2 Stories