Rudyard Kipling

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Kipling Letter: I Stole Parts of Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling letter set for auction

(Newser) - A letter from 1895 is raising new questions about the tales of Mowgli and friends. Jungle Book author Rudyard Kipling wrote to an unknown recipient regarding the Law of the Jungle, a portion of the book: "A little of it is bodily taken from (Southern) Eskimo rules for the... More »

Scholar Finds 50 Lost Rudyard Kipling Poems

Set for publication next month

(Newser) - A literary scholar has unearthed more than 50 unpublished poems by Rudyard Kipling—and soon, the world will get to see them. They're set for release in March in the first complete collection of Kipling's poems, a hefty three-volume set containing more than 1,300 works, the Guardian... More »

Comedian? Poet? Vampire? Anything but Governor

(Newser) - Rod Blagojevich probably didn’t help his case with his whirlwind media tour yesterday, “but he just might establish himself as an unofficial poet laureate of the criminal justice system,” Dana Milbank writes in the Washington Post. Blago quoted Tennyson and Kipling all day, proclaimed his innocence, compared... More »

Is That You, Samantha?

Kim Cattrall plays it staid in Victorian drama of Rudyard Kipling's family

(Newser) - Kim Cattrall had to pull a quick-change to start filming the Sex and the City movie: she’d just come off the set of a PBS film in which she played the buttoned-up wife of Rudyard Kipling, the New York Daily News reports. “It was definitely a challenging transition”... More »

4 Stories