Jesse James

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Expert: Lost Photo Shows Jesse James and His Killer

Forensic artist Lois Gibson says she's 'positive it's Jesse James'

(Newser) - Few photos have been found of notorious outlaw Jesse James. Even fewer show James and his assassin Robert Ford—but one has apparently just been authenticated. Lois Gibson, a forensic artist with the Houston Police Department, says an undated tintype photo shared with her shows James seated next to Ford,... More »

7 Cursed Oscar Couples

They broke up within a year of an Academy Award win

(Newser) - Winning an Oscar is great ... but for these couples, rounded up by People , it was followed by the demise of their relationship less than a year later:
  • George Clooney and Stacy Keibler: As a co-producer of Argo, Clooney won Best Picture last year—five months later, he and Keibler broke
... More »

16 Secret Celeb Weddings

Not every star needs all the fanfare

(Newser) - The latest celebrity couple to get married in secret? Leighton Meester and Adam Brody (aka Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and Seth Cohen from The OC). PopSugar rounds up quite a few more stars whose weddings surprised us. A sampling:
  • Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: They quietly got hitched at
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10 Stars Who've Slammed Their Exes—in Public

Because that's the mature way to handle things

(Newser) - Celebrities: always keeping it classy. The Huffington Post rounds up 20 stars—including some big names—who just haven't been able to keep their private lives private. They've dissed exes on Twitter, in magazines, and in other public spaces. Click through the gallery for a sampling of 10,... More »

10 Crazy Celeb Interviews

One of them involves removing an artificial leg on-air...

(Newser) - When celebrity interviews go wrong: Radar rounds up 24 of the absolute weirdest and craziest sit-downs. A sampling:
  • Princess Diana, separated from Prince Charles and having learned he cheated on her, told Martin Bashir, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."
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10 Ugliest Celeb Breakups

YouTube and cross-dressing and tell-alls, oh my!

(Newser) - Admit it: You kind of love when a Hollywood split gets ugly. Well you're in luck, because Radar has rounded up 30 of the nastiest celebrity breakups ever :
  • Mary Harvey accused Steve Harvey of cheating on her ... on YouTube. A judge finally ordered her to take the videos down.
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44 Celebrity Sexting Scandals

Step away from the phone/computer, stars...

(Newser) - So, it's 2013 now, you'd think most boldface names would have gotten the memo: Don't email, text message, or otherwise communicate any pictures or message you wouldn't want getting out, blared on the front page of every tabloid for all the world to see. And yet.... More »

Jesse James' 4th Marriage Begins

Weds Alexis DeJoria in Malibu

(Newser) - We're still not sure why, exactly, anyone would agree to marry Jesse James after all this , but Alexis DeJoria did indeed go through with it yesterday. DeJoria, a professional drag racer and heir to the Paul Mitchell haircare line, Patron liquor line, and House of Blues chain, wed James... More »

Jesse James Backs NRA, Slams Calif. Gun Laws

Reality star urges people to join the NRA

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock's ex has weighed in on the raging gun-control debate , arguing that California is violent because of its gun laws, US Weekly reports. "For the last 20 years living in California, I could never let my guard down, not even for a minute," Jesse James wrote... More »

Jesse James Enters Into Engagement No. 5

This time it's to drag racer Alexis DeJoria

(Newser) - Jesse James isn't giving up on true love, even after his marriage to Sandra Bullock imploded and his tumultuous relationship with Kat Von D bit the dust. Yes, the reality star is engaged—for the fifth time, Opposing Views points out. Who's the lucky lady this time around?... More »

Jesse, Kat Break Up Again

On-again, off-again engagement is back off

(Newser) - Tragic news out of Tinseltown: Kat Von D and Jesse James have split again. In a note posted Saturday on her Facebook page, Von D cleared up some rumors, writing, “I am not in a relationship.” The tattoo artist and star of the now-canceled reality show LA Ink... More »

Kat Von D, Jesse James Engaged Again

'That girl is my chance,' says James

(Newser) - Oh, those crazy kids: After breaking their engagement less than a month ago, Jesse James and Kat Von D are back on. James broke the news by tweeting a romantic photo of himself and Von D with the caption "para siempre," or "forever." He later confirmed... More »

16 Stars Who Stink in the Sack


(Newser) - Crystal Harris may have apologized for panning Hugh Hefner's bedroom skills , but comments like these just can't be erased. The Frisky lists 15 more celebs who've found themselves dealing with the same public complaint:
  • Jesse James: As one of his non-Sandra, non-Kat lady friends put it, he
... More »

Jesse James, Kat Von D Split

Engagement over because 'distance was too much'

(Newser) - Oh, the schadenfreude: Cheater Jesse James and famously tattooed Kat Von D have broken up, thus ending the engagement that grossed out the world . "I'm so sad because I really love her," James tells People . "The distance between us was just too much." (James lives... More »

Jesse James: I Wish I'd Left Bullock

He should have done the 'honorable thing,' he tells Piers Morgan

(Newser) - Jesse James is still talking , and in an interview airing tonight he tells Piers Morgan he "should have left" Sandra Bullock. "I should have did the honorable thing," he says. "If I wanted to screw around, I should have, you know, ended it." And though... More »

James Dishes on Bullock ... as Lover

TMI alert: He's having more fun now

(Newser) - Leave it to Howard Stern to pull the really TMI remarks out of Jesse James. On his radio show yesterday, the shock jock asked James who's "more fun" in bed: James' wronged ex, Sandra Bullock, or new fiancée Kat Von D. "That one's an easy... More »

Jesse James Engaged

Guess that Sandra Bullock reunion isn't happening

(Newser) - There’s nothing quite so heartwarming as the story of a man who cheats on his universally beloved wife with a tattooed stripper , but turns it all around and gets engaged to yet another tattoo enthusiast. Yes, those crazy kids Jesse James and Kat Von D are betrothed. Despite the... More »

20 Unhealthiest Celeb Couples

Tiger Woods' top placement not at all shocking

(Newser) - Thanks to David Arquette’s neverending oversharing , his troubled union with Courteney Cox seems pretty bad—until you compare it to, say, the troubled union of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller. Calculating data from the past 10 years, the Daily Beast considered number of breakups, rumored affairs, restraining orders, lawsuits,... More »

Sandra: We've Both 'Moved On'

Bullock welcomes ex to her adopted hometown

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock is completely fine with the fact that her ex-husband is about to become her neighbor. “I support Jesse in his move to Austin," she says in a People cover story. “We have both moved on with our lives and only want the best for each... More »

Men More Likely to Cheat on Female Breadwinners

Least likely to stray on women who earn 75% what they do

(Newser) - Ladies, if you want your man to stay faithful, you'd better be earning about three-quarters as much as he does. So claims a new study, which found that while being economically dependent on your partner makes women less likely to cheat, it makes men more likely to stray: Men who... More »

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