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Legal Experts: Sodomy Is a Civil Right

Virginia's Bob Marshall's view is disputed

(Newser) - Actually, Virginia GOP legislator Bob Marshall, sodomy is a civil right. That's the word from a number of legal experts responding to Marshall's headline-grabbing snort that "sodomy is not a civil right"—made in an effort to block the appointment of a gay prosecutor to a... More »

How to Become a Pundit on $7,500 a Day

(Newser) - Socrates and his ilk were deep thinkers, but modern-day pundits had better look good, think in sound bites, and be ready to spend $7,500 per day in training to get on TV, CBS News reports. "We coach people to look their best and sound their best any time... More »

Beware the 'Experts'

Headstrong 'hedgehogs' get the most airtime, but little right

(Newser) - Why did financial experts so spectacularly fail to warn us about the economic crisis? Mostly because “so-called experts turn out to be, in many situations, a stunningly poor source of expertise,” writes Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. Experts of all stripes are enormously influential, but their... More »

Clinton Spurns Economists at Her Peril

Tough talk on gas tax opens candidate to Bush comparisons

(Newser) - In dismissing what she called “elite opinion” and embracing the gas tax holiday, Hillary Clinton has adopted a regressive energy policy, Andrew Leonard of Salon writes. Her declaration yesterday—“I’m not going to put my lot in with economists”—smacks of George Bush’s worst moments... More »

4 Stories