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Flip-Flops Can Ruin Your Body

Doctor warns that they can cause 'serious injuries'

(Newser) - Spring is here, and so is a warning about the favorite warm-weather footwear of the young and young-at-heart: Flip-flops can cause "serious injuries to feet, ankles, knees, hips and even our back," warns Discovery Channel medical expert Dr. John Whyte. "Over time these injuries can lead to... More »

Hot Trend for Summer: Boots

Sales surge as starlets embrace combat-style footwear

(Newser) - They look sweaty and uncomfortable, but make no mistake: Boots are hot—as in trendy—this summer. "It’s a way of saying, ‘I am a tough, cool and bad girl and don’t mess with me,’ and at the same time, women want to stay feminine,... More »

Preschoolers in High Heels Turn Heads

Suri Cruise, A-Rod's daughter embrace trend

(Newser) - Just 4 years old and already a trendsetter, Suri Cruise literally stands out—when she wears high heels. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was on the cutting edge of the polarizing footwear trend, which some find cute and other consider dangerous. "Some people see it as... More »

EPA Sues North Face Over 'Anti-Bacteria' Boots

Company could be fined $1M for misleading claims

(Newser) - North Face may be kicked with a fine of up to $1 million for claiming its shoes have the power to kill fungus and bacteria. The EPA filed a lawsuit against the outdoor clothing company's parent firm yesterday, alleging that the operation violated federal law by advertising that its specially... More »

Vegan Shoes Walk Right In

Plus, white bucks are back and heels are lowered

(Newser) - Veganism isn’t just for food anymore. “Times have never been better for vegan fashion,” a PETA spokesperson says. “Vegan apparel and accessories companies are sprouting up everywhere in the US.” The Wall Street Journal tried out three pairs of vegan shoes and determined that synthetic... More »

Uggs Not Made for Walking?

Philly doc rips popular boot design

(Newser) - The ubiquitous Ugg boots could be causing serious damage to people's feet, according to at least one expert. A Philadelphia foot doctor has been treating patients suffering from the boots’ lack of foot and ankle support, he tells local KYW News radio. He makes special inserts for Ugg wearers, and... More »

Crocs Sued For $7.5M Over Escalator Accident

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania woman has sued the manufacturer of Crocs for $7.5 million after her son was injured in an escalator accident, the Baltimore Sun reports. The 6-year-old was wearing the company's foam clogs when they caught in an escalator and mangled his right big toe. The suit charges that... More »

Clog-Maker Crocs Falling Off

Firm has seen drastic decline in sales, share price

(Newser) - Crocs, Inc,. the firm that makes those ubiquitous rubber clogs, is having a bit of a fashion emergency. The stock has lost 90% of its value in less than a year, and the company predicts a 20% sales decline by the end of 2008, NPR reports. The firm’s execs... More »

Flip-Flops: Bad for Politicians, Even Worse for Your Feet

Footwear favorite alters gait, puts stress on limbs

(Newser) - Flip-flops—the lightweight footwear appearing farther afield than just the beach these days—may be damaging to your health, Newsweek reports. Flip-flop wearers take shorter steps, need more movements to go the same distance they would with regular shoes, and, a study shows, face higher risk of muscle and joint... More »

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