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Nintendo Rolls Out 'Stunning' No-Glasses 3D Game System

Nintendo's 'stunning' 3DS can also take 3D pictures

(Newser) - Nintendo made a deep splash at E3 last night with the 3DS, a 3D version of its portable system. The device doesn’t require any glasses to produce the illusion of 3D, and can turn the effect off if your eyes ever get tired. It can also play 3D movies... More »

Clock Bug Shuts Down PS3s Worldwide

Sony warns users not to turn on system for 24 hours

(Newser) - Sony is advising many PS3 owners not to use their consoles for 24 hours while the company fixes a massive bug affecting consoles around the world. Older versions of the system have been unable to log on to the Playstation Network, and in some cases even unable to play games,... More »

Sony Recalls Video Game for 'Islam Insult'

Koran quotes discovered in music track

(Newser) - Sony has held up distribution of a top video game after the discovery that it contains quotations from the Koran in a background music track, reports the BBC. Copies of Playstation 3 game LittleBigPlanet have been recalled and Sony has apologized. A modified version will be released next month. The... More »

In-Game Ads Coming to PS3

EA games expected on board with Sony; product placement to be updated via Web

(Newser) - Sony has struck a deal to bring in-game advertising to its PlayStation 3 console, the Wall Street Journal reports. Many games have already toyed with product placement and ads, but thanks to the deal with IGA Worldwide, those digital billboards can now be updated in real time. Electronic Arts will... More »

PS3 Sales Help Sony Get Its Q4 Game On

Price cut, new games create resurgence, $224M profit

(Newser) - Sony reported fourth quarter profits of $277 million yesterday, driven largely by its once-sputtering PlayStation 3, which passed Microsoft's Xbox 360 and is nipping at the heels of Nintendo’s Wii. The results vastly improved on a loss of $643.6 million a year ago, reports the Wall Street Journal.... More »

Video Game Maker Calls for End to Rival Gaming Systems

Electronic Arts wants 'open gaming platform'

(Newser) - Electronic Arts, a leading video game manufacturer, has called on the gaming industry to set aside the incompatible gaming platforms now competing for consumer loyalty. Instead of choosing among rivals like Wii, Playstation, and Xbox, players should be able to use an "open gaming platform" for all games, EA... More »

Wii Are the Champions

Nintendo game console outsells Sony and Microsoft combined

(Newser) - Vdeo gamers were reaching for the Wii-mote in July after buying up an impressive 425,000 Nintendo Wii consoles—more than twice the sales of either X-Box 360 or Playstation 3.  It was a strong month for video games as a whole, with console sales more than doubling since... More »

Japanese TV Is Losing to Wii

Nintendo system steals prime-time audiences as families play together

(Newser) - Ratings are plummeting for Japanese prime-time TV shows as audiences increasingly turn to playing games on Nintendo's Wii system. Wii, which dominates the nation's $30B video games market, has stolen TV's "golden hour,"  thanks in part to parents who are choosing to share family time on Wii's... More »

Sony Slashes Price of PlayStation 3

Floundering console still costs twice as much as a Wii

(Newser) - Sony is easing up on the retail price of its struggling PlayStation 3 by $100. The console will now cost $500—$20 more than the Xbox 360 and twice as much as the bestselling Nintendo Wii. Sony's CEO had promised to hold the price, but poor receipts appeared to necessitate... More »

Blockbuster Bets on Blu-Ray

It's Betamax all over again as rental giant abandons rival HD DVD format

(Newser) - Movie rental giant Blockbuster picked sides today in the hotly contested battle over high-definition DVDs. Starting in July, Blockbuster will buy all of its new high-def DVDs in Sony's Blu-ray format, a damaging blow to rival Toshiba's HD DVD, which the rental company had stocked jointly until now. More »

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