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Brit Hume: Tiger Woods Advice 'Not Proselytizing'

He defends comments on Buddhism, Christianity to Bill O'Reilly

(Newser) - Tiger Woods “needs something that Christianity especially provides and gives and offers, and that is redemption and forgiveness,” Brit Hume told Bill O’Reilly last night—while adamantly denying his Sunday night exhortation to the golfer was proselytizing. Even so, if Woods were to convert, it “would... More »

Hume to Tiger Woods: It's Time to Find Christ

Hume says golfer needs Christianity to win redemption

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' Buddhist faith just isn't good enough if the troubled golfer wants to make a "total recovery" from the sex scandal plaguing him, Brit Hume said last night on Fox and Friends. Buddhism, Hume claims, can't offer "forgiveness and redemption," so Woods should "turn to... More »

ABC's John Stossel Jumps Ship for Fox

20/20 anchor joins fellow transplants Chris Wallace, Brit Hume

(Newser) - 20/20 anchor John Stossel is leaving ABC for Fox News and the Fox Business Channel, Mediabistro reports. The move is yet another shakeup for ABC—Stossel’s co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas is a frontrunner to replace Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America. Stossel, a frequent guest on Fox, will have a... More »

Bret Baier Replacing Hume on Fox's Special Report

Chief White House correspondent will take over cable network's nightly newscast

(Newser) - Bret Baier will host Special Report, Fox News’ nightly broadcast from its Washington bureau, after veteran Brit Hume departs, Politico reports. Hume’s farewell show is tonight, but he will continue to work for the channel as a political analyst. Baier is currently Fox’s chief White House correspondent and... More »

Bush: 'I Never Sold My Soul'

Says he knows he's unpopular

(Newser) - President Bush knows he doesn't have a lot of fans, but is proud that he didn't "compromise my soul to be a popular guy," he tells Fox News. It's particularly tough to like him given the current economic situation, he concedes. "What do you expect? We've got... More »

Fox Isn't Flag-Waving, Just Angry

(Newser) - The conservative movement is at a crossroads, torn between its intellectuals (think David Brooks) and its shouters (think Rush Limbaugh). As TV’s main conservative voice, Fox News could tip the scales, so Isaac Chotiner of the New Republic watched as much of the channel as he could. His verdict... More »

Hume to Leave Fox Anchor Role

But he plans to stay on part-time as a senior political analyst

(Newser) - Fox News' Brit Hume plans to step down from his role as anchor of the daily Special Report and as Washington managing editor at the end of the year, the Washington Post reports. Hume is near a deal to stay on Fox part-time as a senior political analyst, sources say,... More »

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