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BlackBerry Z10: Not Too Little, But Maybe Too Late

BlackBerry's new phone brings the goods, but won't win over Apple, Android faithful

(Newser) - BlackBerry is betting its bottom dollar on the BlackBerry Z10 , the first phone to bear its radically redesigned new BlackBerry 10 OS. So how does it stack up? Critics generally like it, but worry that it's not enough to save the company. Here's what people are saying:
  • David
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iPhone 5 Is Awesome

Techies tout design, slam new maps, plug

(Newser) - Tech reviewers are simply gushing about the new iPhone 5 . After playing with it over the weekend, most tech-heads are head over heels:
  • David Pogue at the New York Times says the iPhone 5 is a winner for two reasons: its bigger, sleeker design and the hardware (fast processor, gorgeous
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BlackBerry's Best Can't Beat Apple, Google

The Bold 9900: 'Does Anybody Care'?

(Newser) - There’s a new BlackBerry on the market, but the “the question is: Does anybody care?” Apple and Google dominate the market, and things are “not looking good” for Research in Motion, which just laid off 2,000 people, writes David Pogue in the New York Times . That... More »

There Will Never Be an iPhone Killer

...and other lessons David Pogue learned in 10 years of writing about tech

(Newser) - David Pogue has been writing a personal-tech column for the New York Times for a whopping 10 years. As most of us give thanks today, he gives us a list—of the biggest tech lessons he's learned in the last decade.
  • There's no such thing as the iPhone killer: "
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iPhone 4 Lives Up to the Hype

Critics love the awesome camera, screen, and new features

(Newser) - The iPhone 4 hits tomorrow, and tech reviewers everywhere are incredibly impressed. Here's what they're saying:
  • The iPhone 4 is “a major leap over its already excellent predecessor,” writes Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal . The new features work very well, and the redesign “manages to
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Windows 7 Drops: Microsoft Is Back

Redmond can be proud of its new OS: Pogue

(Newser) - At last, you can put your Vista woes behind you. Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, which drops today, takes what's good about its predecessor—especially security and good looks—and eliminates the parts that drove users bonkers. Windows 7 isn't just substantially faster and more compatible with users' machines,... More »

Hello, Senators? Greedy Cell Phone Biz Needs Attention

(Newser) - It's nice to see Congress looking out for the cell phone customer with hearings on carrier exclusivity, but there's plenty of dubious practices in the business they should look into before they worry about getting us all Verizon iPhones, David Pogue writes in the New York Times. 
  • Texting fees.
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Don't Go Buy Another iPhone, Just Get OS 3.0

New model is faster, but upgraded system offers plenty of perks

(Newser) - Apple launched its new iPhone operating system today, two days ahead of the 3G S model, begging the question whether existing users should fork out $200 for new hardware. “Faster circuitry makes a huge difference,” David Pogue writes for the New York Times, though Walt Mossberg, in the... More »

Welcome to Remedial Web Trends 101

David Pogue searches for the meme canon

(Newser) - When the New York Times’ tech guru admitted on Twitter to only recently having heard of “Rickrolling”—the Internet prank in which a link promises something desirable but delivers the video for Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up—his followers blasted him for being “so... More »

Windows 7: Finally, an End to Vista Misery

'New' Microsoft OS is major improvement, say critics

(Newser) - Microsoft is rolling out a successor to Vista, its universally reviled operating system, with Windows 7 now available in a relatively bug-free beta download. Early users report that the new edition is a marked improvement. David Pogue, in the New York Times, says Windows 7 ends “a big part... More »

Pogue Loves the New MacBook, But...

Tech writer mourns the end of FireWire, and of home movies on tape

(Newser) - There’s much to love about the new MacBook, writes David Pogue in the New York Times. The laptop is “a thing of beauty,” with a fabulous trackpad-cum-clicker, an easy way to switch out the battery or even hard drive and a smaller environmental footprint. But there’s... More »

Tech Tips You Should Know, But Don't

'Common knowledge isn't the same as universal knowledge,' Pogue writes

(Newser) - What people don’t know about basic computer tricks is pretty shocking, David Pogue found while gathering info for his New York Times column. After a call for tips from readers, all involved “soon discovered that what’s common knowledge isn’t the same as universal knowledge.” Here... More »

Gadget Checks Email—Period.

It's light on features, but Peek is perfect for the non-Geek

(Newser) - There are two kinds of gadget-buyers: Feature-listers and elegance-appreciators. And, boy, will feature-listers ever hate the Peek, writes David Pogue in the New York Times. The Peek is a simple, cheap little gadget that does nothing but send and receive email. Feature-rich, it ain’t, but it may well appeal... More »

Computer Hard of Hearing? Try This Software

NaturallySpeaking takes a great leap forward in voice control

(Newser) - The latest incarnation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking “takes voice control unmistakably closer to that holy grail of computing,” David Pogue writes in the New York Times—being able to talk directly to your computer. Version 10 is better than 99% effective at transcribing speech, and upgrades make correcting, italicizing,... More »

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