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Shuttering Mags, Conde Nast Turns to ... Online Dating?

Publishing giant makes 'very bizarre' venture into new business

(Newser) - OK, so Gourmet wasn't working out, seven staffers at Glamour were just given the boot, and the remaining mags in Conde Nast's stable are slashing up to 25% of their budgets. But obviously the time is ripe for Conde Nast to launch…an online dating site, the New York Daily ... More »

Gone With Gourmet: a Taste for Expertise

There is no 'hard-won blood-on-the-floor kind' of editorial experience on the Web

(Newser) - When Gourmet magazine absorbed his Cook’s in 1990, Christopher Kimball discovered the hard way that the publishing business is “a top-down, winner-take-all proposition, an oligarchy of sorts.” But the frazzling encounter also afforded him a meeting with Conde Nast chairman Si Newshouse, who “poured his fortune... More »

How to Keep Gourmet Alive

(Newser) - Cookie and Modern Bride are getting the ax, but it's Conde Nast's shuttering of Gourmet that has floored and disappointed readers and non-readers alike. That includes Fast Company's Kate Rockwood, who shares a few ideas for keeping America's oldest food magazine alive—in some form.
  • Move to television: One show
... More »

Condé Nast Axing Gourmet, 3 Other Titles

Magazine publisher could lose $200 million this year, industry sources say

(Newser) - Condé Nast will shut down iconic foodie magazine Gourmet as well as newer title Cookie and Brides offshoots Modern Bride and Elegant Bride, CEO Charles Townsend announced today. Hundreds of jobs will be lost in the company’s biggest single day of closings, the New York Post reports. The publishing... More »

Michelin 'Star Wars' Unappetizing for Chefs

French master Roellinger latest to step back citing exhaustion, pressure

(Newser) - Being awarded 3 stars from the Michelin Guide was once the highest honor for any chef, but non plus, reports Gourmet. Changing tastes and fancy-food fatigue have now pushed three of France’s biggest culinary kings to close their doors—by choice. "Running a three-star restaurant is an honor,... More »

Why Do We Hate Ratatouille?

Eggplant may be to blame for our aversion to French dish

(Newser) - Ratatouille should be an American staple: It’s easy, tasty, and bursting with fresh veggies, Gourmet’s Laura Shapiro writes. Instead, the French dish is passed over by Americans—but why? Perhaps eggplant is the culprit: “Fat, purple and interminable, eggplant is one of the least-loved vegetables in the... More »

Beware the Word 'Natural.' It Means Nothing

The FDA won't define it, so it can be, and is, slapped on anything

(Newser) - "Is that natural artificial yellow coloring?" asks Barry Estabrook in Gourmet. Absurd as the question sounds, it's not, given that the Food and Drug Administration "can't be bothered to define the term at all." Eager to get on the "natural" bandwagon, manufacturers are "shamelessly slapping... More »

Gourmet Writer a Threat to Beijing?

Baffled food journalist denied Olympic visa

(Newser) - She's not a Tibetan activist, a human-rights watchdog, or a political correspondent. So why couldn't Karen Coates, a food writer for Gourmet, get a visa to cover the Beijing Olympics? She recounts the mind-numbing bureaucratic hoops she jumped through to submit her application, which seems to have vanished into a... More »

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