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Meat Industry Fumes Over Federal Report Touting Vegan Diet

Officials point to environmental benefits of avoiding animal products

(Newser) - A new federal report points to the environmental benefits of a vegan diet, and the meat industry is not exactly happy about it. Industry representatives say sustainability isn't within the purview of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, whose recommendations factor into guidelines by the federal agriculture and health departments,... More »

Beef: Meat Industry's Worst Eco-Offender

Raising cattle takes up 160 times as much land as plants, study finds

(Newser) - Think drive-thru cheeseburgers are cheap? Think again. What may be light on the wallet is heavy on the planet, according to a new study on the environmental costs per calorie of beef, pork, poultry, dairy, and eggs—which, combined, make up 96% of the calories Americans get via animal sources.... More »

USDA Shuts Poultry Plant Over Cockroach 'Infestation'

Foster Farms facility was implicated in last year's salmonella outbreak

(Newser) - "Cockroach" and "infestation" are two words you don't want anywhere near your dinner, but the USDA says it encountered just that at a California poultry plant that it wasted no time in shutting down yesterday. Foster Farms said that it immediately conducted "enhanced sanitizing" at its... More »

Now, You'll Know if Your Meat Has Been Eating GMOs

USDA approves new label

(Newser) - Let's say you're the sort who avoids genetically modified food. How do you know your steak has been exercising the same restraint? Until now, you didn't, but now the USDA has approved a non-GMO label for meat and "liquid egg products," the New York Times... More »

US Meat Is Teeming With Superbugs: Report

More than half of samples were contaminated: government study

(Newser) - Horse meat-tainted beef ? We should be so lucky. US meat is rife with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or "superbugs," according to a government study released in February that's just now getting attention. The data hails from 2011, and is the result of testing on ground turkey, pork... More »

Americans Develop Taste for Dark Meat

More flavorful than the ubiquitous chicken breast, dark meat sales on the rise

(Newser) - Pat LaFrieda Jr. can't get enough chicken thighs. If his family business featured on Food Network's Meat Men orders 100 cases of thighs, his supplier might deliver only 60. That's because consumers are discovering something chefs have long known about dark meat: "It was always the... More »

Meat Standards at McD's Loftier Than at Schools

Virtually any fast-food joint is choosier about what your kid eats

(Newser) - The millions of pounds of beef and chicken doled out by the National School Lunch program every year wouldn’t pass muster at KFC or McDonald's. Though the meat the USDA buys and then supplies to schools beats the bare minimums imposed on grocery store meat, it doesn’t live... More »

Get Fired Up for Grill Season

(Newser) - With the outdoor cooking season kicking off this week, barbecue guru Steven Raichlen offers some grill tips in Esquire you shouldn’t have gone so long without:
  • Get the grill screaming hot: Put your hand 3 inches off the grate, and if “ouch” comes in 2-3 seconds, you’re
... More »

Recession: Tastes Like Chicken

(Newser) - The recession has consumers foregoing pricey beef and pork for cheaper chicken, the chairman of grocery chain Safeway tells Bloomberg. “We’re seeing more shifts in the meat category to cheaper meats—ground beef and chicken—than we saw earlier in the year,” Steven Burd says, part of... More »

Mexico Halts Shipments From Top US Meat Plants

Move is seen as retaliation for country-of-origin labeling initiative

(Newser) - Mexico has temporarily banned meat from 30 US plants run by some of the largest American meat companies, Reuters reports. The Mexican government says violations in standards of packaging, labeling, and transport conditions occasioned the ban, but many US analysts suspect Mexico is registering its dissatisfaction with an American law... More »

Animal Rights Lover Goes for the Throat

But Humane Society prez pushes a savvy, mainstream message

(Newser) - The Humane Society has turned into an aggressive political player with a mainstream message, the New York Times reports. The group's head, Wayne Pacelle, just shut down a $100 million slaughterhouse in Chino, Calif., and is pushing for a ballot measure that would require a certain amount of room for... More »

UN Urges: Eat Less Meat to Fight Warming

Cattle 'emissions' equal effect of 33 million automobiles

(Newser) - Meat-eaters who want to help fight global warming can do so by going vegetarian at least one day a week, a top UN official tells the Guardian. The meat industry accounts for an estimated one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions, released during feed production and as methane by flatulent livestock.... More »

Record Food Price Hikes Loom

Biggest increases for 20 years forecast

(Newser) - Americans should get ready for pain at the supermarket checkout, reports Reuters—and squash any hopes of food prices getting better next year. A revised USDA forecast predicts a 5% to 6% leap in food prices this year—the biggest increase in 20 years—and USDA officials fear 2009 could... More »

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