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12 Famous People Who Killed Someone

Some of these deaths were accidental; some decidedly not

(Newser) - Even celebrities have skeletons in their closets, like the dozen rounded up by BuzzFeed who have all killed someone:
  • William S. Burroughs: The writer, who initially claimed to have been playing “William Tell” while drunk, shot his common-law wife. His original story was that he was trying to shoot
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Boxer Christy Martin Stabbed, Shot By Husband

Superstar's husband on the run in Florida

(Newser) - Boxing's first female superstar is recovering in the hospital after being attacked with a knife and handgun by her husband, police say. Christy Martin managed to escape from the couple's Orlando-area home and flag down a motorist who took her to hospital, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Police are searching for... More »

Iron Mike's a Thinker, Not a Fighter

Boxer enjoys reading Wilde, German philosophy

(Newser) - Mike Tyson has traded in Don King for Oscar Wilde: A forthcoming documentary portrays the former world heavyweight champion as a pensive soul who reads German philosophy and relates to Wilde’s self-destructive flamboyance. “I don’t like the person I’ve become,” Tyson admits. Iron Mike looms... More »

Mega-Fight Set for Trinidad and Jones Jr.

Promoter Don King orchestrates face-off between boxing legends

(Newser) - Felix "Tito" Trinidad and Roy Jones Jr. will square off at Madison Square Garden next January in what promoter Don King is calling "a fight made in boxing heaven." The two future Hall of Famers had been slated for a highly publicized bout in 2001 before Trinidad... More »

King Cozies Up to Pope

Don King gets ringside seat, offers Benedict XVI a boxing belt

(Newser) - A tonsorially tamed Don King took the stage Wednesday in front of an atypical audience–the Pope. The legendary boxing promoter, who spent four years in jail for manslaughter, was denied a personal audience with his Holiness, but did manage to hand the pontiff a handwritten set of prayer requests–... More »

5 Stories