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Restaurants Need to End a Rude New Practice

Blogger: Don't clear one diner's plate if others are still eating

(Newser) - At some point, it apparently became protocol for a server to clear a diner's empty plate even if others at the table are still eating. Please stop, writes Roberto Ferdman at the Washington Post . The move makes slower eaters uncomfortable—you're going too slow!—and faster eaters... More »

'Male Hooters' Opens in Dallas

'Tallywackers' kinda says it all, right?

(Newser) - First, there was Hooters—now there's Tallywackers. Get the idea? An all-male version of the not-named-after-owls restaurant opened in Dallas over the weekend with good-looking guys serving American fare like hot dogs, pizzas, and steaks, KFOR 4 reports. The owner, Rodney Duke, said last month on a morning show... More »

Amazon Server Screw-Up Takes Down Dozens of Sites

Reddit, Foursquare, and more affected

(Newser) - Dozens of sites across the Internet went dark yesterday, thanks to a major server crash that has now stretched beyond 24 hours and is still causing trouble for some. Amazon's own storefront is fine, but the company also rents out server space to lots of other major... More »

How to Treat Your Waitress

Start by looking her in the eye

(Newser) - Dining out anytime soon? True/Slant blogger (and former waitress) Susannah Breslin has a little advice on how to treat your server. Check out the full list here . A sampling:
  • Eye contact: Too many people treat servers like they’re invisible. Don't be one of them. “Look your server in
... More »

Pub's Bad Service Leads to Arrest—of Irate Patrons

No skipping gratuity, restaurant says

(Newser) - Turns out that mandatory 18% gratuity for large parties at restaurants is mandatory enough that skipping it can get you arrested. A Philadelphia-area couple who found service at a pub was so scarce they essentially waited on themselves and their six friends ended up in cuffs when they refused to... More »

100 No-Nos Insulting to Waiters

Former waiter irked by Bruce Buschel's New York Times list

(Newser) - Along with the rest of the world—or at least, frequenters of the New York Times website—Lauren Bans read restaurateur Bruce Buschel’s recent “100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do.” And the former waiter is pretty annoyed. “No minimum wage job should ever require a... More »

Biggest Restaurant No-Nos, Part 2

Owner offers another 50 ways to please guests, keep job

(Newser) - Bruce Buschel isn't out of touch. "I realize that every deli needs a wisecracking waiter," he writes in the New York Times, "and burgers always taste better when delivered by a server with tattoos and tongue piercing(s)." But at his soon-to-open restaurant, these rules (coupled... More »

The Biggest Restaurant No-Nos

Owner lays down the law with these rules for staff

(Newser) - The seafood restaurant Bruce Buschel is building will have excellent service—or else. Some staff members, he acknowledges, "will no doubt protest some or most of what follows," but he's the boss, and he presents 50 rules in his New York Times blog. A tasting menu:
  • "Do
... More »

Here's a Tip: Despite Recession, Gratuities Grow

(Newser) - A diner who leaves a 10% tip these days is likely a tightwad, a tourist, or a victim of terrible service, but that same 10% tip would have been perfectly acceptable in the '50s. The going rate for gratuities has steadily crept up over the decades, studies find, hitting 15%... More »

Crucial White House Emails Remain Lost

Files from '03 — at start of Iraq war — backed up, but where?

(Newser) - White House emails from March-September 2003—the first few months of the Iraq invasion—still have not been found, the Washington Post reports. An advocacy group is suing for the release of the emails, and federal law requires such high-level communications be preserved. Officials, still searching, say the data might... More »

HP Earnings Spike 28%

The PC and server giant enjoys high sales, not affected by economic slump

(Newser) - Computer and printer giant Hewlett-Packard rode strong server, software, and PC sales to a 28% boost in fourth quarter earnings from a year ago, CNN Money reports. The company posted a net profit of $2.2 billion, with a share price of 81 cents, up from 60 cents a year... More »

Mobile Servers Save Energy, Add Capacity

Sun packages extra processing power in steel shipping containers

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems has a solution for the booming demand for network space, and as a bonus, it lowers energy use: packing servers into steel shipping containers that can be parked wherever they're needed. It's called Project Blackbox, and Sun says it reduces power consumption by 20%. The giant 20-foot boxes... More »

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