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NBC Complains to White House About ABC's Access

Source says NBC wants more Obama interviews; network denies it

(Newser) - NBC has filed a formal complaint with the White House, saying ABC is getting a disproportionate number of interviews with President Obama. The network cites recent sit-downs with George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson, and alleges that Stephanopoulos’ friendship with Rahm Emanuel is helping the network land the face time, according... More »

ABC Shows How It's Done With Successful Sawyer Switch

Low expectations produce high ratings

(Newser) - With all the bloodshed at NBC, it would be easy to overlook the fact that at least one network has made a major talent changes without causing plummeting ratings. Diane Sawyer’s relatively inconspicuous slide into Charlie Gibson’s ABC anchor seat didn’t deliver an immediate ratings bump, but... More »

After 34 Years, Gibson's Done at ABC

Anchor, 66, signs off for final time

(Newser) - Charles Gibson signed off for the last time from the ABC News anchor desk tonight, bringing to a close his 34 years at the network with Friday's edition of ABC World News . Gibson, 66, called the job he's leaving "a labor of love." Since joining ABC in 1975,... More »

Dear Diane, Save the News— Nix the Anchor Job

Sawyer shouldn't take post with 'marginal' journalistic worth

(Newser) - Nightly network news is fading into irrelevance—and if Diane Sawyer wants to make a difference in the media, she should turn down Charlie Gibson’s job so ABC can pay for some real reporting, writes Jack Shafer for Slate. The broadcasts have essentially become infotainment, an expert says, “... More »

Poll: Stewart the New Cronkite

(Newser) - In an absurd world, maybe the only people we can trust are the comedians. A poll asked readers who the most trusted newscaster in America is, now that Walter Cronkite has passed on. The overwhelming response? Jon Stewart. The Daily Show maestro took 44% of the 9,409... More »

Election's Media Winners, Losers

The best and worst in a season about image

(Newser) - This election has been all about image—not just for the candidates, but for media personalities who have jumped into the fray. Scott Collins chooses its biggest success stories and failures in the Los Angeles Times:
  • Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's new commentator, is brainy, funny, and capable.
  • John King, CNN’s
... More »

Palin's Posture Reveals Her Self-Doubt: Expert

Posture, clenched hands reveal lack of confidence

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s performance in her first television interview pales when compared to her commanding convention speech, an expert told CBS News. The Alaska governor’s poor posture and hand-wringing in the ABC interview reveal insecurity, according to body language pro Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, who gave the Republican veep pick an... More »

Palin Stumbled in Interview, But Made No Big Mistakes

VP stuck to Republican talking points, perhaps too well

(Newser) - How did Sarah Palin do in her much-awaited interview with Charlie Gibson? Everyone’s got an opinion:
  • Palin “looked like a student trying to bend prepared answers to fit unexpected questions,” offering statements far too general for Gibson’s liking, writes Alessandra Stanley in the New York Times.
... More »

Palin Flubs Bush Doctrine Question

She may not know the term, but clearly supports the strategy

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson makes it fairly clear that she doesn't quite know what the Bush Doctrine is, writes Mark Silva in the Chicago Tribune. "But just as clearly, she supports it." When Gibson asked Palin in an interview if she agreed with the Bush... More »

Palin: 'I'm Ready' to Step In

(Newser) - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin talked tough on foreign policy today and said she feels ready to step into the presidency if something were to happen to John McCain. Asked by ABC's Charlie Gibson in her first TV interview since joining the ticket if she felt prepared, she responded, "I... More »

Palin to Finally Meet the Press

ABC's Gibson gets first shot at grilling McCain's running mate

(Newser) - Sarah Palin will sit for her first press interview since accepting the Republican vice presidential nomination, reports the Chicago Tribune. She'll be interviewed by ABC anchor Charlie Gibson in Alaska later this week. The McCain camp has kept Palin from the press so far, calling its coverage of the Alaska... More »

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