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Male Birth Control Pill Is One Step Closer

Trial shows pill is safe with minor side effects, including weight gain

(Newser) - After years of intrigue , researchers are celebrating "a major step forward" for the male birth control pill. A month-long clinical trial shows a once-daily male pill is safe and effective at suppressing the hormones needed for sperm production, and has no negative effect on sex drive, according to researchers... More »

Researchers Sound Alarm on Dropping Male Sperm Counts

There's been a 52% drop in sperm counts over the last 40 years

(Newser) - The Western man's sperm count just isn't what it used to be. In what the Washington Post calls the largest and most comprehensive look into the matter, an international team of researchers reports in the journal Human Reproductive Update that after analyzing 185 previous studies involving 42,000... More »

Nearly Half of All US Men Have HPV Genital Infections

25% have an HPV genital infection tied to various cancers

(Newser) - The first national estimate suggests that nearly half of US men have genital infections caused by a sexually transmitted virus and that one in four has strains linked with several cancers, the AP reports. Most human papillomavirus infections cause no symptoms and disappear without treatment, and most adults will get... More »

Bright Light Stimulates Men's Sex Drive

Light therapy shown to increase testosterone production

(Newser) - Men with low sex drive might try switching on a light, a new study shows. Taking a cue from depression treatment, researchers at the University of Siena in Italy found that bright light stimulates testosterone levels and led to better results in the bedroom, reports the BBC . Using a light... More »

How Citrus and Red Wine Could Improve Your Sex Life

Flavonoid-rich foods come with a lower risk of erectile dysfunction

(Newser) - Up to half of all middle-aged and older men are affected by erectile dysfunction, and the answer may not be a little blue pill. Men who eat foods rich in flavonoids are less likely to suffer from the condition, and that risk is even lower if they also exercise regularly.... More »

Men Should Do Kegels, Too

Women aren't the only ones who can benefit: studies

(Newser) - Women aren't the only people who should be doing Kegel exercises, experts say. Studies have found that pelvic floor exercises—long known to help women with childbirth and recovery as well as prevent incontinence—can also help with incontinence, recovery from prostate surgery, and other issues in men, including,... More »

Study: Men With Eating Disorders Going Untreated

Researchers fault bias that these problems affect only women

(Newser) - A new study suggests that men with eating disorders aren't getting treatment because of the misguided notion that anorexia and bulimia are uniquely women's problems. Oxford and Glasgow researchers conclude that men's disorders often go undiagnosed as a result. They found that men take longer to recognize... More »

Aging Men Can Curse Estrogen, Too

Researchers find that sinking estrogen levels to blame for expanding waists

(Newser) - It turns out both sexes have a reason to curse estrogen. A new study has found that what the New York Times dubs one of men's "familiar physical complaints of midlife"—that ballooning waistline—is not, as long believed, due to dipping testosterone levels. While those levels... More »

Bald Men Have Higher Heart Risks

Study sees link in guys who have lost hair at the crown

(Newser) - Bald men seem to be at higher risk of heart disease, say Japanese researchers after poring over old studies. Their finding applies only to those who have lost hair on top, at the crown, as opposed to those with receding hairlines, reports Bloomberg . The greater the baldness, the greater the... More »

Smoking, Drinking Doesn't Hurt Your Sperm

Study suggests a lousy lifestyle won't hurt fertility chances

(Newser) - A study by British researchers seems to upend some standard medical advice for men: They found that smoking, heavy drinking, doing drugs, and being overweight doesn't affect sperm, reports the BBC . Researchers compared samples in about 2,000 men and found "little evidence" that lifestyle has any impact... More »

Researchers Find a Clue to Baldness

Could pave way to new hair growth treatments

(Newser) - Researchers have tracked down a protein that appears to be a culprit in male baldness—thus identifying what they call a "target" for new treatments. University of Pennsylvania scientists found that the protein's levels are boosted in bald areas of the scalp. When they bred mice with high... More »

Medical Panel to Men: Skip Prostate Screening

Government group says PSA test doesn't save lives

(Newser) - A potentially big change in men's health care: A governmental health panel is about to recommend that men stop getting screened for prostate cancer, reports CNN . The Preventative Services Task Force has concluded that the commonly used PSA blood test often does more harm than good because it leads... More »

Secret to Guys' Happiness? Culture

Guys who take in a show or museum are more satisfied with their health

(Newser) - Good news for guys looking for a health boost: You may not have to rely on strenuous exercise (that you probably weren’t going to do anyway). Bad news: It might involve soaking in a little more culture than a ball game and a six-pack. Men who attend the ballet... More »

Coffee Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer

Six cups a day means 60% lower risk for men: Study

(Newser) - Something for men to smile about over the morning cup of joe: A major study says guys who drink a lot of coffee have a much lower chance of getting the deadliest form of prostate cancer, reports NPR . Specifically, the Harvard study found that men who drank six or more... More »

Congressman Goes Shirtless for Men's Health

Rep. Aaron Schock promotes healthy lifestyle by flaunting abs

(Newser) - Republican Rep. Aaron Schock has already been named the "hottest freshman" in Congress —and now Men's Health declares that he's also the fittest. The Congressman from Illinois flaunts his abs on the magazine's June cover, and can brag that he's the first politician to... More »

Viagra Gum? Drug Makers Get Busy as Generics Near

Makers of erectile dysfunction drugs try to find new niches

(Newser) - Viagra’s chemical patent expires next year, likely opening the playing field to cheaper generic versions of the pill—and in a $5 billion industry, the makers of the erectile dysfunction drug are racing to stay ahead of the competition. Pfizer recently began selling a chewable form of Viagra in... More »

Six-Pack Abs? Overrated.

Well, in advertising at least

(Newser) - Well guys, if you’re going to the gym for the sole purpose of attracting women…you can stop. Women in an Australian advertising study rated thin or somewhat chubby men at least as highly as those with so-called “six-pack abs,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Older teens... More »

Male Boob Jobs on the Rise

Plastic surgery's fastest growing area is breast reduction for men

(Newser) - Male breast reduction surgery is the hottest operation in plastic surgery right now, with demand for “man boob” jobs growing faster than that for any other procedure for two years running in the UK. Last year 581 men went under the knife, according to the British Association of Aesthetic... More »

Flirting Makes Men Feel Better

Hanging out with pretty women boosts testosterone level

(Newser) - Forget the bromance: Hanging out with attractive women makes men feel better than they do around other men, a new study finds. Just being around the fairer sex boosts men’s levels of testosterone and cortisol, hormones that improve alertness and well-being. In the trials, just five minutes around attractive... More »

Depression in Dads Hurts Kids

More research needed into effects of fathers' mental health, experts say

(Newser) - With modern fathers often more directly involved in parenting than previous generations, researchers say it’s time to pay closer attention to the impact of paternal mental health on children, the BBC reports. Existing evidence suggests that children of alcoholic or depressive fathers are likely to suffer psychiatric or behavior... More »

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