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Michael Steele Expected to Bow Out of RNC Race

Chairman to announce intentions tonight

(Newser) - Michael Steele will announce tonight whether he plans to run for reelection as RNC chair—and it’s looking unlikely. Steele doesn’t appear to have a reelection team in place. Still, he’s been unpredictable in the past, Politico notes. He sent out a message this weekend advising committee... More »

Blankfein Keeps Both Goldman Sachs Top Jobs

Shareholder proposal to split chairman, CEO duties fails

(Newser) - Lloyd Blankfein will remain both the chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, after defeating a shareholder proposal to split the posts . Only 19% of shareholders voted to award the chairmanship to another Goldman employee, despite the SEC complaint filed last month accusing Goldman of securities fraud. The proposal predated the... More »

Michael Steele Suggests Racism Fuels His Critics

'Is it because a black man is chairman?'

(Newser) - Michael Steele suggests his race has something to do with the knocks he's taken since becoming chairman of the RNC in an interview with Washingtonian magazine. The interview isn't online yet, but Greg Sargent of Plum Line has an early peek: Steele acknowledges that he can "take things too... More »

Whitacre to Be GM CEO

Took over as interim CEO in December from ousted Fritz Henderson

(Newser) - Ed Whitacre Jr. will be named permanent CEO of General Motors today, a source tells the AP, after serving as interim CEO since Fritz Henderson was dumped Dec. 1. At a news conference for this morning, Whitacre is expected to say he's been offered the job, after a global search... More »

Medicare Is Dead—Long Live Medicare: Steele

(Newser) - RNC Chairman Michael Steele continued his simultaneous defense of and onslaught on Medicare today, writes Eric Kleefeld of Talking Points Memo. Dems are “proposing up to $550 billion in cuts or shifting of funds out of Medicare, and I don't know what that means,” Steele said on Fox... More »

Lewis Ousted as BofA Chairman; Remains CEO

(Newser) - Bank of America shareholders gave Ken Lewis a demotion today. Lewis will remain the bank's president and CEO, but he will lose his position as board chairman, the Wall Street Journal reports. Shareholders—angry about the bank's plummeting fortunes of late—voted to split the chairman and CEO duties. Walter... More »

Gaffes Aside, Steele Is 'Radically' Transforming RNC

(Newser) - Things aren’t going well for Michael Steele in the media, but behind the scenes he’s undertaken a sweeping restructuring of the Republican National Committee, Marc Ambinder writes in the Atlantic. “He’s become clownish. And that judgment could endure until the end of his tenure,” Ambinder... More »

Lose Steele Already: RNC Member

(Newser) - Ada Fisher, an outspoken critic of Michael Steele who supported his opponent in elections for the Republican National Committee chairmanship, wants him to step aside, the Hill reports. The “ineptness in our GOP leadership,” she writes in an intraparty email, is “eroding confidence.” Fisher, North Carolina’... More »

Duke: RNC's Steele a 'Black Racist'

Former KKK member rails against GOP body's first black chairman

(Newser) - Former Louisiana lawmaker David Duke is slamming the Republican National Committee for choosing Michael Steele as its chairman, Bayou Buzz reports. Duke called Steele a “radical Black racist” and a “servile dog of Israel,” and suggested that the Republican base would not suffer Steele’s leadership. Duke... More »

Qaddafi Named Chairman of African Union

Libyan leader vows to pursue plan for 'United States of Africa'

(Newser) - Muammar Qaddafi vowed to pursue his dream of creating a united, pan-African government after being named chairman of the African Union today, Reuters reports. Elected by African heads of state for a 1-year term, the Libyan leader said the organization must consider his proposal for a “United States of... More »

Schapiro Pledges to 'Reinvigorate' SEC

Obama nominee wants better cooperation among agencies in nabbing next Madoff

(Newser) - Mary Schapiro, Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, told senators today she would make enforcement a top priority, CNN reports. Her confirmation hearing was also peppered with questions about how Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme slipped past regulators; Schapiro currently heads an industry watchdog group.... More »

GOP Hopeful Belonged to Whites-Only Country Club

Katon Dawson, candidate for RNC chair, resigned from SC club this summer

(Newser) - One of the candidates for chairman of the Republican National Committee belonged for more than a decade to a whites-only country club, Greg Sargent notes on Talking Points Memo. Katon Dawson, chairman of South Carolina’s Republican Party, resigned from the club in September as he was preparing to run... More »

Who Will Carry the GOP Flag?

The candidates with hats in or near the ring

(Newser) - No one has emerged as a clear-cut favorite to chair the Republican National Committee, writes Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post, but plenty of politicians are interested. Here’s a rundown on who has a hat in—or near—the ring:
  • Mike Duncan: Many dismiss the current chairman’s re-election
... More »

Waxman's Coup Promises New Agenda

Committee likely to get more aggressive on environment; Dingell's old allies displaced

(Newser) - Henry Waxman ascension to the chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee could pit him against both Republicans and fellow Democrats, Politico reports. Moderate former chair John Dingell, ousted by the liberal Waxman, left many subcommittee heads who could clash with their new boss. And the GOP is up... More »

For Dems, Dingell Showdown Is Agony

Representatives dread choice between veteran lawmakers to chair key committee

(Newser) - House Democrats have been dreading this day: the unavoidable vote between Henry Waxman and John Dingell to chair the Energy and Commerce Committee. Though Waxman is a savvy lawmaker and closer to much of the caucus on the key issue of climate change, the 82-year-old Dingell, Detroit's staunchest congressional booster,... More »

Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship

Will lose some meaningless subcommittee job instead

(Newser) - Senate Democrats voted 42-13 today to let Joe Lieberman keep his perch atop the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, hoping to prevent the Connecticut Independent from becoming a full-fledged Republican, the Hill reports, The former Dem, who actively supported John McCain's presidential bid, will instead lose his chairmanship of... More »

Lieberman Should Be Punished: Leahy

Dem wants McCain-backing independent stripped of committee chairmanship

(Newser) - Patrick Leahy thinks fellow Sen. Joe Lieberman, after campaigning for John McCain, should no longer occupy the chair of key committees, the Democrat told Vermont Public Radio today. The Connecticut independent currently caucuses with the Democrats, and chairs the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees, the Hill notes. Lieberman went... More »

Rangel Won't Step Down From Tax Panel

Says Pelosi in favor of him staying as chair of Ways and Means

(Newser) - New York Rep. Charles Rangel will remain in his post as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee while an ethics investigation takes place, the New York Times reports. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi supports the move, said his attorney, and Rangel "believes that the facts should prevail, not... More »

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