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How to Write a Crappy Nicholas Sparks Novel

They're not as unique as he'd like you to think

(Newser) - Nicholas Sparks isn’t a romance novelist, OK? He writes fiction, thank you very much, and he’s made it clear in various interviews that he thinks he’s one of a kind. But on the off chance you’d like to write your very own Nicholas Sparks romance novel—... More »

Miley 'Ghastly' in Last Song

Critics not fond of Nicholas Sparks exercise in teen love, death

(Newser) - The Last Song has two strikes against it in most critics' opinions: It's Nicholas Sparks' adaptation of his book...and it stars Miley Cyrus. On the plus side, baby turtles? Some takes:
  • It's not that bad, Roger Moore writes in the Orlando Sentinel . "Not a great film," of
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Dear John Topples Avatar

With $32M haul, tearjerking chick flick unseats blue beings after 8 weeks

(Newser) - For the first time in 2010, a movie other than Avatar ruled the weekend box office, as the Nicholas Sparks chick flick Dear John unseated the sci-fi phenomenon with a $32.4 million debut. James Cameron's latest, which opened Dec. 18, did $23.6 million to finish second and run... More »

Dear John Is More Nicholas Sparks Schmaltz

'Bogart and Bergman it's not,' critic says

(Newser) - Dear John, the latest Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, works familiar territory: ooey-gooey love. Critics aren't falling for the tale of long-distance romance between an American soldier stationed in the Middle East (Channing Tatum) and his dream girl back home (Amanda Seyfried).
  • Tom Horgen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune decries the
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Weird Facts About Best-Selling Authors

Dan Brown, pop musician? And more.

(Newser) - Summer's here, and that means it's time for beach reading. Mental Floss compiles some surprising facts about the authors most commonly toted along to the shore:
  1. Dan Brown hasn’t spent his whole life pondering Vatican conspiracies: he was also a musician and pop singer. The name of his second
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10 Writers Who Turn Books Into Bucks

Top earner JK Rowling made $300 million off Potter franchise in past year

(Newser) - So you think people don't read books anymore? Tell that to JK Rowling, No. 1 on Forbes' list of top-earning authors. The woman behind the Harry Potter juggernaut raked in $300 million in the past year, thanks in part to the movies based on her books—which have sold 375... More »

Rodanthe Author Still Loves Himself

(Newser) - Nicholas Sparks may run low on creative gas, but that only lasts for a minute or two. The multimillionaire author of The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe works out for nearly 3 hours a day before writing 2,000 words and coaching track at his son's school. ''I'm efficient,"... More »

Rodanthe Heavy on the Syrup

(Newser) - Tearjerker novel Nights in Rodanthe left some critics sobbing and others scowling. Now Unfaithful co-stars Richard Gere and Diane Lane are reunited for the movie version of the Nicholas Sparks romance, with a similar divide. The actors' "natural rapport" makes for a movie "one either utterly succumbs to... More »

Disney Tailors Flick for Miley

Notebook author Sparks commissioned to write screenplay for film starring Cyrus

(Newser) - Disney has asked Nicholas Sparks, author of The Notebook and Message in a Bottle, to write a screenplay tailor-made to star Miley Cyrus in an attempt to sell the tween queen to a more adult audience, Variety reports. More »

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