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ACORN Is Rotten, And Mainstream Media Ignores It

Network news has no coverage of hooker-pimp sting video scandal

(Newser) - The scandal enveloping community-organizing group ACORN “has everything you could ever want,” Dan Gainor writes for Fox News: “corruption, sleazy actions at tax-funded organizations, firings, government ties, sex, hookers. It is a network news director’s dream.” Curiously, ABC, CBS, and NBC aren't covering the brouhaha... More »

US Census Bureau Axes Community Group ACORN

Group called 'distraction' after sting catches employees advising prostitute

(Newser) - The US Census Bureau will not allow community-organizing group ACORN to participate in next year’s national census, the Wall Street Journal reports tonight. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is a “distraction,” Census director Robert Groves writes, after members of its Baltimore and Washington offices... More »

Downturn Threatens 100K Charities

(Newser) - The economic crisis isn’t just hurting Wall Street executives—it also spells dark times for the charities they once supported, the Wall Street Journal reports. The number of US nonprofits climbed from about 750,000 a decade ago to more than a million today, but watchers say 100,000... More »

Palin: I Didn't Mean to Knock Community Organizers

In Fox interview, GOP VP pick talks up Hillary, takes swipe at Biden's age

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says she didn’t mean to offend community organizers when she implied they didn’t have “actual responsibilities,” the Republican candidate tells Fox News—she was just firing back at Barack Obama for disparaging small-town mayors, the Chicago Tribune's Swamp reports. In the second part of... More »

4 Stories