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Media Matters Boss Drives the News

David Brock is manic, systematically influences liberal media: Tucker Carlson

(Newser) - The right-leaning Daily Caller last night published the first in an investigative series about Media Matters for America, alleging that the liberal media watchdog is in bed with the Obama administration, as well as a number of media organizations and bigwigs, and that founder David Brock systematically attempts to influence... More »

Olbermann Slams 'Martyr' Campbell Brown

Defends opinion-based news

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann took a stand for opinion-based news shows everywhere last night, bashing Campbell Brown and what he called her “I-Am-A-Martyr-To-Real-News tour.” Brown, he said, had been going on “pity-me” interviews complaining that she couldn't compete against opinion-based news. “I've done the two kinds of news... More »

New York Times 'Hurting the Nation'

Bill O'Reilly guest Lt. Col. Ralph Peters condemns story

(Newser) - Lt. Col. Ralph Peters thinks the New York Times is hurting America. OK, so lots of conservatives think that all the time, but the Fox News strategic analyst has a particular bone to pick with the yesterday's front-page story about the US' expanded ground operations in the middle east, and... More »

Tea Party Bard Sheds Secret Identity

Jon David's real name revealed as Jonathan Kahn

(Newser) - Tea Partiers know him as Jon David, the guy with the guitar whose song “American Heart” has become an anthem for the movement. “I got American parts / Got American faith / In America's heart,” he croons at rallies around the country, semi-disguised by hat and sunglasses.... More »

Ask a Tea Partier: Why Do You Hate Obama?

Most can't exactly explain

(Newser) - Why does the tea party hate Barack Obama? For a vast number of reasons—most of which apparently aren't rooted deeply in reality. New Left Media asked protesters at the National Tax Day demonstration to explain their motivations, and perhaps predictably gathered some less-than-well-thought-out answers in this video, picked up... More »

Maddow to Stewart: I Could Kill Osama With a Spoon

They also talk about Timothy McVeigh

(Newser) - Rachel Maddow on the Daily Show! That must have been a veritable liberal media wet dream of constant pointedly funny snark! OK, actually, no, it was a pretty staid conversation about Timothy McVeigh—Maddow will host an upcoming special unveiling McVeigh’s final interview tapes. But there were some amusing... More »

Top Lefty-Friendly Counties

Surprise: San Francisco tops list

(Newser) - After compiling its list of the most conservative-friendly counties in the US, the right-leaning Daily Caller now brings it with the top counties for liberals:
  • San Francisco. With liberals, unions and gays, “surprise, surprise,” Chris Palko writes.
  • Montgomery County, Md. This DC suburb is rich, educated, and home
... More »

Hate-Crime Wave Is Just Lefty Fakery

Past incidents overblown at best, duplicitous at worst

(Newser) - Reports of political hate crimes against Democrats since the passage of the health care reform bill are overblown at best, and downright lies at worst, Michelle Malkin writes, charging that Nancy Pelosi & Co. “can’t stand the heat” and so manufactured “a Tea Party epidemic of racism,... More »

For Liberals, a Bracket of Evil

No hoops knowledge? No worries here

(Newser) - Feeling left out of the NCAA basketball bracket-mania because of hoops-knowledge deficiency? If politics is more your thing, activist cell-phone company Credo Mobile has you covered with its “ Bracket of Evil .” Features matchups include Dick Cheney vs. Fox News (in the media division), Sarah Palin vs. Michele Bachmann... More »

Soldiers, Cops Form Backbone of Growing Militia Movement

'Oath Keepers' prepare for Obama martial law

(Newser) - A growing militia movement convinced that President Obama will soon find an excuse to impose martial law on the US is finding scores of recruits from within the country’s law-enforcement and military community, Justine Sharrock writes in an investigative piece for Mother Jones . The “Oath Keepers” group has... More »

Suicide Pilot Joe Stack Sounds Like Tea Partier to Me

.. says one blogger; that's 'reprehensible,' says another

(Newser) - Joseph Stack’s anger at big government in general and the Internal Revenue Service in particular sounds very much like another of the day’s big noise-makers to Jonathan Capehart. “After reading his 34-paragraph screed,” Capehart writes in a Washington Post blog of the Austin suicide pilot, “... More »

Latest Palin Controversy Is Lefty Hokum

Bloggers rip her bracelet, but it's not what they think

(Newser) - A column on Sarah Palin’s black bracelet has the lefty blogosphere in a full-flamed fury—but it’s a misguided “hit piece,” William Jacobson tut-tuts. Though the bracelet is sometimes used to memorialize a relative or comrade killed in military action (as veteran Eric Robinson writes in... More »

Stewart, O'Reilly Trade Jabs

Daily Show host mocks Fox; anchor rips 'stoned slackers'

(Newser) - Jon Stewart ventured onto a hostile playing field today, sitting down for an interview with Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly that gave both ample room to land haymakers. While the Daily Show host denounced the conservative channel’s coverage of President Obama—“All I hear on your network... More »

Left Takes Out Rage on Rahm

Emanuel takes heat for the president

(Newser) - Liberals disappointed with Barack Obama are pointing their daggers less at him than at his chief of staff. Rahm Emanuel is not a popular guy on the left these days—many see him as the obstacle to the change they thought Obama would bring. One liberal radio host called him... More »

Why I'm Breaking Up With the Left

One liberal explains why she can't handle the left's grandstanding

(Newser) - EA Hanks and The Left used to have a good thing going. All those marches, all those sit-ins, even those Huffington Post columns; “We were dumb kids in love with hating,” she reminisces. But The Left’s “detestable” failure in Massachusetts was the last straw. “We’... More »

Todd Palin Behind Banned-Bloggers List

Man kept from Sarah's Alaska signing gets answers

(Newser) - Turns out Todd Palin was behind the banning of certain bloggers from wife Sarah’s book-signing event in her Alaskan hometown Tuesday. One of those barred from the event talked to the store manager, who told him, “The ‘banned list’ is just four names he wrote in a... More »

Obama's Pact Is Slap at Progressive Ideals

Copenhagen deal creates 'league of super-polluters'

(Newser) - The Copenhagen climate deal President Obama struck with China, India and South Africa flies in the face of progressive values, environmental writer Bill McKibben rages. Here’s how:
  • Obama made the UN obsolete: “The clear point is, you poor nations can spout off all you want on questions like
... More »

In Lieberman Rage, Michael Moore Urges Conn. Boycott

Wants senator recalled over health-reform stances

(Newser) - Filmmaker Michael Moore fired the latest salvo from Joe Lieberman’s left today, calling on the citizens of Connecticut to get the senator out of office or face a national shunning. “People of Connecticut: What have u done 2 this country?” Moore tweeted . “We hold u responsible. Start... More »

Counting Blacks as 3/5? OK by Glenn Beck

Founding Fathers had abolition in mind, says pundit

(Newser) - Glenn Beck today put his spin on a provision in the US Constitution that once counted slaves as three-fifths of a person, painting it as a tool by which Northern abolitionists meant eventually to outlaw the practice. An African-American caller took issue with Beck’s reliance on the founding fathers,... More »

Dad: Palin Left Hawaii Because of Minorities

Too many Asians, Pacific Islanders, he says in new book

(Newser) - In a new book, Sarah Palin’s father says one reason she cut short her college career in Hawaii was because the heavy minority population made her uncomfortable—and not, as she writes in her book, because “perpetual sunshine isn’t necessarily conducive to serious academics.” Lefty sites... More »

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