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Whoops! Newt Calls Shoe Bomber American

Gingrich defends Richard Reid treatment on false grounds

(Newser) - On the Daily Show last night, Newt Gingrich trotted out the oft-repeated GOP complaint that Miranda Rights were read to the Detroit underwear bomber. As he has done before, Jon Stewart pointed out that Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, got the same treatment from George W. Bush's administration. Gingrich quickly... More »

Meet the Birthers in Congress

Salon calls out lawmakers reluctant to admit Obama's a citizen

(Newser) - The “birther” movement isn’t relegated to backwoods crazies—many members of Congress are perfectly willing to throw fuel on the fire. Salon calls out the Hill’s known birthers:
  • Rep. Bill Posey: Congress’ first birther, the Florida Republican is the sponsor of a bill requiring presidents to submit
... More »

US Man Charged in Afghanistan Rocket Attack

Long Islander also gave al-Qaeda info on NYC mass transit: feds

(Newser) - An American arrested in Pakistan last fall faces charges for firing rockets at a US military base in Afghanistan, the New York Times reports. Bryant Neal Vinas, 26, also allegedly gave al-Qaeda detailed information about the New York City transit system and Long Island Railroad in return for military training. More »

Matthews: GOP Catering to 'Crazies' on Obama's Birth

(Newser) - The Obama-is-not-a-citizen chorus seems to be getting louder of late, thanks in part to a viral video of a woman berating a GOP congressman who defends the president. The theme continued tonight on MSNBC, where Chris Matthews clashed with one of the Republican sponsors of a bill requiring that presidential... More »

Palin Besieged by Ethics Complaints

Alaska's GOP chief: number of grievances 'unprecedented'

(Newser) - The world’s most famous hockey mom is skating on thin ice with some of her constituents, Politico reports. Sarah Palin has fielded more than a dozen complaints from Alaskan citizens in the last 7 months, concerning everything from the governor’s use of state funds, her political action committee,... More »

Justifiable Killings Surge for Cops, Civilians

(Newser) - Justifiable homicides committed by cops and civilians are at their highest levels in more than 10 years, USA Today reports. Last year's totals: 391 for police and 254 for civilians. Analysts attribute the rise to a growing “shoot-first” attitude among both groups, especially as criminals improve their arsenals. More »

6 Stories