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You Can't Compare Macs, PCs Anymore

Apple isn't playing the same game as its competitors: Harry McCracken

(Newser) - When Apple announced its latest MacBook Pro update, Harry McCracken's first instinct was to compare it to similar Windows laptops. "Then it dawned on me: There are no similar Windows laptops," he writes for Time . Macs and PCs may have "the longest-running, most iconic rivalry in... More »

What Gadgets Not to Buy ... Yet

Hold off if you can on TVs, iPhones, and laptops: Wirecutter

(Newser) - Good things come to those who wait, and technology is no exception. At the Wirecutter , Brian Lam lists a few hot items not to buy yet, or you'll be kicking yourself later.
  • TVs and home theater equipment. The reviews for the latest TVs will be available around mid-year, and
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How Much Is Your Computer Really Worth?

Economists try to put a value on PCs in America

(Newser) - You can scope out the price tag of a Mac or PC at any given electronics hawker, but how much are computers really worth to us? Economists at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta actually tried tackling that question, and they came up with $500 billion—or, on average about... More »

Google Releases New Chrome OS Laptop

...To the lucky few in its 'pilot program'

(Newser) - Google is giving out free laptops—but good luck getting one. The search giant unveiled its new Chrome OS yesterday, but announced that the public wouldn’t be able to buy netbooks sporting it until the middle of next year, eWeek reports. But in the meantime, Google is running a... More »

iPad Wrecks Netbook Sales

44% said they bought tablet over netbook

(Newser) - Netbook mania has hit the wall hard, and Apple's shiny new tablet could be to blame. Digging through some recent Morgan Stanley research, Fortune found some interesting charts showing that the growth of netbook sales took an abrupt dive in January—a victim, the researcher concludes, of the iPad's much-hyped... More »

Microsoft Ad Campaign Gets Under Apple's Skin

Laptop-browsing spot may be boosting Microsoft's 'value perception'

(Newser) - Apple demanded Microsoft ditch TV ads featuring shoppers mulling the relative value of PCs and Macs, CNET reports. In the ads, which Microsoft’s chief operating officer calls “completely unscripted,” shoppers get to keep money they save by choosing a PC over a Mac. “We got a... More »

Sealed-Battery Macs Earn High Marks

Batteries can't be replaced, but few do so anyway

(Newser) - Removable notebook batteries are convenient in theory, but hardly anyone actually replaces them. Apple and other firms are responding with sealed-in batteries, which, Apple says, can be bigger and thus last longer. Walter Mossberg ran his “own harsh battery test” on the new MacBook Pros and found their sealed-in... More »

As Netbooks Fade, Successors Await

Sales slowdown hides fact that low-cost laptops are taking over

(Newser) - You may not be able to buy a "netbook" in the not-too-distant future, but a new generation of low-power, low-priced laptops descended from the netbook are poised to conquer much of the PC market, experts tell Wired. Sales of the netbook—one of last year's hottest gadgets—haven't met... More »

Laptop Sales Zip Past Desktops

Netbook drives up laptop sales

(Newser) - The demand for Acer Netbooks has pushed laptop sales beyond desktop PC sales for the first time ever, CNET reports. Notebook PC shipments rose almost 40% for the third quarter of 2008 to 38.6 million units, while desktop sales slipped 1.3% to 38.5 million. Hewlett-Packard remains the... More »

H-P Will Offer 3-Year Battery for Notebooks

Warranty will be the longest on the market, company says

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard next year plans to offer the longest-lasting battery for notebooks on the market. The company says its new lithium ion battery, called HP Enviro, will run as good as new for three years, PC Magazine reports. It also will charge faster than current models, reaching 80% after 30 minutes.... More »

5 Gizmos Nixed by Cellphones

(Newser) - Cellphones have sent five once-hot gadgets to the techno graveyard, Wired reports:
  • The PDA: Dating back to the Psion Organizer 24 years ago, PDAs enabled busy folk to schedule meetings, keep addresses, and type notes. Only when cellphones included good calendars did PDAs die off.
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Sarkozy Sues Over Scandal Diary

Intelligence chief's notes on Sarko marriage, financial deals in news mag

(Newser) - France's president Nicolas Sarkozy is at the center of a firestorm over publication of the diaries of a former French Intelligence chief which contain information about several politicians, including details of Sarkozy's personal life, the BBC reports. Yves Bertrand's personal diaries, reported in a news magazine, contain observations about the... More »

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