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For Gaming Search Results, Google Punishes ... Google

Bloggers were paid for links to Chrome

(Newser) - Google cracks down on companies all the time for trying to mess with its vaunted search results, and it turns out that itself is no exception: Hundreds of bloggers were paid for putting up sponsored links to Google Chrome, with most of the posts containing the kind of irrelevant "... More »

Google Goes After Content Farms

New algorithm designed to weed out low-quality sites that copy material

(Newser) - Google has had it with content farms—websites that seek traffic by amassing material that's often copied directly from other websites, Mashable reports. The search giant is altering its algorithm “to reduce rankings for low-quality sites,” it announces in a blog post . The shift, which will begin in... More »

Stop the Presses! Story Mentions Conan, Leno, Lady Gaga!

Rise of Web searching spells doom for clever newspaper headlines

(Newser) - Back in the day, "drunks with cigars wrote stories," overeducated wiseguys slapped snappy headlines on them, and some hours later, a newspaper appeared on your doorstep. In Internet time, that printed birdcage liner might as well be carved on stone tablets. "Call me a grumpy old codger,... More »

Try a Search Engine Blind Taste Test

(Newser) - So much of our search engine experience is based on branding, but who would come out on top without all the window dressing? Blind Search may help you figure it out. Designed by a Microsoft employee, it spits out unadorned results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, only telling you which... More »

Microsoft Blows It With Bizarre Bing Ads

Blame Google for the collapse of global financial architecture

(Newser) - Microsoft is thrashing Google in new TV spots for its "decision engine" Bing—understandably, since from Microsoft's perspective their rival is single-handedly responsible for the global financial crisis. "While everyone was searching, there was bailing," says an announcer, as images of fleeting Internet memes give way... More »

YouTube to Sell Ads on Search Results

Pushed by parent, Google, the company adopts a new strategy: Google's

(Newser) - YouTube yesterday unveiled its latest plan for making money: an auction-based ad system that puts sponsored video clips alongside search results. The video-sharing site's system mimics that of its parent company, Google, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The company—which ranks second only to Google in searches—is hoping it... More »

Google, Yahoo in Talks to Avoid Antitrust Case

Online ad deal may be capped to avoid further scrutiny

(Newser) - Google and Yahoo are working to settle any antitrust issues arising from their proposed joint online ad venture, the Wall Street Journal reports. Google has offered a cap on the volume of ads it sells Yahoo, which may be willing to continue selling search ads to avoid lengthy legal battles... More »

Search Gamble May Just Work for Microsoft

'Desperate,' 'brilliant' cash-back plan will sap Google's base

(Newser) - Many are pooh-poohing Microsoft’s cash-back search scheme, but Michael Arrington of TechCrunch thinks it’s going to work—and be a major pain in Google’s side. With search-market share at a mere 9.1% (and falling), Microsoft has little to lose, Arrington argues, because search is a winner-takes-most... More »

Google Readies Defense of Yahoo Ad Deal

Efficiencies outweigh anti-competition issues, giant says; critics not so sure

(Newser) - An advertising deal between Google and Yahoo is certain to stir the Justice Department’s antitrust division into action, no matter what the two do to address concerns, experts anticipating a partnership between the two Internet leaders tell the New York Times. Google says a deal would simply be a... More »

Microsoft Will Offer Search Customers Cash

Rewards part of effort to gain ground on market leader Google

(Newser) - Having largely abandoned its bid to buy, in the form of Yahoo, a significant presence in the Internet search business, Microsoft now will give customers money back when they buy items through its search portal, the Wall Street Journal reports. To be made official today, the move makes... More »

Google Trims 300 Jobs at DoubleClick

First major layoff in search giant's history follows merger

(Newser) - Some 300 DoubleClick employees, who briefly enjoyed a taste of Google culture after the ad agency was acquired in March, are facing layoffs as the search giant merges the two operations, reports the New York Times. It’s the first major layoff in Google’s history and trims DoubleClick’s... More »

How Yahoo Would Improve Microsoft

(Newser) - Yahoo today restated its opinion that Microsoft’s $44.6 billion buyout bid underestimates the online giant’s “combination of unique assets,” but for the first time stated publicly the strengths it would bring to the Microsoft merger, MarketWatch reports. In an investor presentation for the SEC, the... More »

Yang Justifies Rejected Microsoft Bid

Says Yahoo uniquely positioned in growing online ad market

(Newser) - Jerry Yang believes Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid for Yahoo was too low because it does not take into account the company's “unique position” in the growing online advertising market, the New York Times reports. In a letter sent to shareholders today, Yang inventoried Yahoo’s advantages: its... More »

Microsoft Deal Overshadows Google's Analyst Day

Facebook deal dominates conversation, irritates execs

(Newser) - Google made some noteworthy announcements at its Google Analyst Day yesterday, but they were overshadowed by Microsoft's announcement earlier in the day that it was acquiring a $240 million stake in Facebook, a prize for which the two companies had reportedly engaged in a heated bidding war. Among Google's news:... More »

Lonely at the Top for Yahoo CEO Yang

Company co-founder talks about the struggle to stay relevant

(Newser) - Being the CEO of Yahoo is no cakewalk, according to co-founder Jerry Yang, speaking yesterday at a conference in California, reports. "It is a lonely job in the sense that you have to make some of the tough calls," Yang said of the job he finally... More »

Is It a Top?

Domain name sells for $5 million, raising the specter of a virtual real estate bubble

(Newser) - WashingtonVC has purchased the domain name (as in "search engine marketing") for $5 million for its portfolio company Web Targeted.  With a large percentage of Web traffic now coming from search engines, optimizing Web sites for visibility to them has become one of the hottest... More »

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