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Leaked Email: Clinton Looked to Tech World During VP Search

Bill Gates, Tim Cook, others among those considered

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton may have picked America's dad Tim Kaine as her running mate, but in an alternate universe her veep was one of America's tech giants. A leaked email sent by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and released by WikiLeaks Tuesday names Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Apple... More »

Bernie Sanders Asked to Be Endorsed by 'Bernie Sanders'

Email leak shows Clinton and Sanders wanted Larry David endorsement

(Newser) - Among the revelations included in a batch of Clinton campaign emails released Saturday by WikiLeaks: Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sought the endorsement of "Bernie Sanders." Politico reports a week after Larry David first played Sanders on Saturday Night Live last October, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta... More »

Leaks Raise 'Many Questions' About Clinton Campaign

Emails point to DOJ contacts and much more

(Newser) - There's more than talk of UFOs in leaked emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign. One shows press secretary Brian Fallon—a former Justice Department official—communicating with the DOJ about the release of Clinton's State Department emails in May 2015. "DOJ folks inform me there is a... More »

Clinton Campaign Chief Sends Pro-Trump Tweet

John Podesta has 'switched teams.' Or he's very unlucky

(Newser) - Either John Podesta is very unlucky or he has been using "password" as his password. The Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, whose hacked Gmail emails are being released in batches by WikiLeaks, had his Twitter account hacked on Wednesday and used to send out a pro-Trump tweet, Politico reports. More »

In Latest Clinton Leak: Blink-182 Singer, Campaign Chair Talk UFOs

Tom DeLonge may have interviewed John Podesta for doc

(Newser) - What does Hillary Clinton's campaign chief have in common with Blink-182 rocker Tom DeLonge? A fascination with UFOs , apparently. WikiLeaks' latest email dump reveals DeLonge has sent several emails regarding extraterrestrial life to Clinton campaign head John Podesta over the past two years. In a 2015 email "relating... More »

Campaign Chairman Says Clinton Will Declassify 'UFO Files'

'The American people can handle the truth'

(Newser) - With The X-Files off the air—again—we need somebody to step into Fox Mulder's shoes. It looks like that somebody is going to be Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta. USA Today reports Podesta, who was also chief of staff for President Clinton and a member of... More »

Chamber Took $885K From 84 Foreign Companies

But says it doesn't use it for political purposes

(Newser) - The US Chamber of Commerce has flatly denied recent Democratic attacks claiming that it uses foreign money to fund its political campaigns, and mainstream media fact checkers have largely backed them up. But Think Progress says those organizations have missed the point, pointing to data from the Chamber’s own... More »

Rove Constructs 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy' imitating Democrats

(Newser) - The Republican party's top operatives are quietly building a massive fundraising and organizing machine inspired by the one the Democrats used to sieze Congress and the White House. Headed up by Karl Rove and former party chair Ed Gillespie, the network of five connected groups is modeled after the "... More »

Under Obama, It's the 'Summer of the Lobbyist'

'It Girl' emerges as health, climate, economy converge

(Newser) - Barack Obama the candidate railed against lobbyists' influence—but under his administration, the Washington movers and shakers are flourishing. With health care reform, the environment, and the economy in focus all at once, it’s the “Summer of the Lobbyist,” writes Manuel Roig-Franzia in the Washington Post. At... More »

Kim Jong-Il Was 'Fully Engaged' During Clinton Visit

(Newser) - Longtime Bill Clinton aide John Podesta, who accompanied the former president on his recent rescue mission to North Korea, says leader Kim Jong-Il was "fully engaged" during the visit, Reuters reports. “I would basically say that the discussions were pretty straightforward and he was fully engaged,” Podesta... More »

He Can't Say It Like He Wants to Anymore

(Newser) - President Obama has backed off a bit on his “acted stupidly” comments concerning the arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates, saying they were not properly “calibrated.” But, aides say, it “was not a slip of the tongue,” Peter Baker writes in the New York ... More »

House Dems Want to Impeach Judge for Torture Memos

GOP, Obama can't halt proceeding vs. Bybee

(Newser) - House Democrats may start a constitutional confrontation over the fate of Judge Jay Bybee, and there’s nothing anybody—not even lukewarm President Obama—can do to stop them, reports Politico. As liberal think-tanker John Podesta argues, Bybee “authorized things that were illegal under US law” when he wrote... More »

Lefty Lobbyists Ready for Battle

(Newser) - Toughened by years in the political wilderness, liberal lobbyists are organized and ready to support President Obama on issues ranging from health care to taxing the rich, the New York Times reports. “This is no longer going to be Barack Obama standing by himself getting pilloried by the special... More »

More Deja Vu: Betty Currie on Obama Team

Bill Clinton's secretary is now answering phones for Podesta

(Newser) - Yet another link with the Clinton White House: Betty Currie, the secretary to Bill Clinton who became embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, has rolled up her sleeves and is now manning the phones for John Podesta, the co-chairman of Obama’s transition team and former Clinton chief of staff,... More »

'Demand Accountability' from Citi: Podesta

Transition boss discusses bailout, Cabinet

(Newser) - The government should “demand accountability” from Citigroup in return for bailout funding, Barack Obama’s transition team leader says. “If we’re going to have one rule, we ought to apply it to all of the financial institutions that we’re taking a look at,” John Podesta... More »

Transition Time No Sweat for Podesta

30K resumes? Clintons? Veteran juggles it all for Obama

(Newser) - The man in charge of Barack Obama’s transition doesn’t just know where the levers of power are—he practically lives in the engine room. John Podesta is managing his immense task—juggling 30,000 resumes for 8,000 jobs, not to mention some big egos—with surprising calm,... More »

A Look at Obama's Energy Blueprint

Going green will help bring US out of crisis: Klein

(Newser) - Detroit's looking for a bailout. China just announced a massive stimulus package, including big investments in transportation and energy. What’s a president-elect to do? Barack Obama would be best served by making good on his promise to create an alternative energy economy, writes Joe Klein in Time. Thankfully, the... More »

Obama Team Lays Out 'Strictest' Ethics Rules

Lobbyists, corporations banned from contributing to transition

(Newser) - Barack Obama's transition team has set out what one official called "the strictest, most far-reaching ethics rules of any transition in history,” the Hill reports. Lobbyists, corporations and PACs will be barred from donating funds to the transition operation, and lobbyists on the team won’t be allowed... More »

Emanuel: Tax Cut Will Go Ahead

Obama opposes tying a free trade deal to stimulus package

(Newser) - White House Chief of Staff-designate Rahm Emanuel told This Week that Barack Obama will move ahead with his plan to cut middle-class taxes despite rumors to the contrary, Politico reports. Other highlights from the Sunday talk shows:
  • Emanuel also told This Week that Obama opposes tacking a Colombia free trade
... More »

Close Allies Will Run Obama Transition

Ex-Clinton staffer Podesta, aide Jarrett oversee team

(Newser) - Barack Obama took his first steps toward the White House this morning, announcing the three-person team of confidants that will run his transition activities: John Podesta, a former Clinton chief of staff; Valerie Jarrett, a top campaign adviser; and Pete Rouse, Obama's senatorial chief of staff. The president-elect also named... More »

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