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This Astros Player Came to the 4th Inning Looking ... Different

Alex Bregman decided to shave his mustache right in the middle of the game

(Newser) - Hair today, gone … by the fourth inning? That's what happened with the Houston Astros' Alex Bregman Sunday during his team's game against the Kansas City Royals. MLB.com reports the third baseman got a walk in the second inning, then didn't come to the plate again... More »

Beards Maybe Aren't as Gross as You Think

They're just as hygienic as a clean face: studies

(Newser) - Go ahead, grow a beard: It's just as hygienic as having a clean face, and possibly more so, according to two recent studies. In stark contrast to earlier research that found beards could be as dirty as toilets , researchers who swabbed the faces of 409 male hospital workers found... More »

Beard Swabs Yield 'Disturbing' Results

Some were as dirty as toilets, microbiologist says

(Newser) - Beard hygiene is important unless you want to have the equivalent of a dirty toilet seat growing out of your face, according to a microbiologist who swabbed a bunch of beards and was shocked by the results. "I'm usually not surprised and I was surprised by this,"... More »

This Exists: Mustache Surgery

And it's increasingly popular among Mideast men

(Newser) - As Movember has proved , not all mustaches are the bushy stuff of legend. That's apparently a bit of a problem in the Middle East, where the facial hair signifies both wisdom and virility, and it's leading more and more men to undergo mustache surgery. Seriously. CNN reports that... More »

Psychologists to Guys: Shave Your Beard

Women prefer clean-shaven look: study

(Newser) - To beard or not to beard? Amid much contradictory research, a group of psychologists was determined to find out once and for all whether women prefer the scruffy look. Turns out they don't, the New Zealand and Canadian researchers discovered. They showed 200 women from New Zealand and Samoa... More »

Feminists Want You to Grow a Unibrow ... for Charity

Aim of unibrows would be to raise money for charity

(Newser) - Men have "Movember," in which they grow mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer, but what do women have? Surely bra- and purse-related Facebook status updates are not enough, so feminist website Feministing.com recommends "Decembrow." The idea: Women... More »

Chicks Dig Stubble

More than half of women in study like facial hair

(Newser) - Women are more attracted to a man with facial hair, says a new poll. Among the participants, 54% said they preferred a guy not to be clean-shaven. Of those, two-thirds liked all-over stubble, 19% liked moustaches, 12% preferred beards, and 6% goatees. Only about a third of women polled said... More »

Brad Pitt Finally Shaves That Thing

Yes, the beard is gone...at least, mostly gone

(Newser) - Our long national nightmare is over: Brad Pitt finally took care of that thing growing on his face. Some called it a beard, but after two years of it growing progressively more scraggly , most were begging for its demise. To see the shot of a slightly more well-groomed Pitt recently... More »

Beards Are Not Just Back, They're Bushier

Hipsters, not Hollywood-types are at the (not) cutting edge

(Newser) - Beards are back, big time, and its the boy next door, not Brad Pitt, driving the trend. More young men today are bearded than not, observes Robert Crampton. "The beard is about as back as it’s been since the 19th century," he writes in the Times Online... More »

Dear Brad, Lose the Nasty Beard

We get it: You don't want to be considered just for your looks

(Newser) - Sexiest man alive? Pshaw. Brad Pitt looks more like “the guy who dealt weed in college,” writes Reed Tucker in the New York Post . Pitt’s facial hair, when it debuted in 2008, seemed like a temporary phase—but two years later, the beard is “longer, grayer,... More »

Hear About the Morgans? Keep It to Yourself

Sam Elliott's mustache steals the show. No, really.

(Newser) - The highlight of Did You Hear About the Morgans? for most critics is their own joke that Sam Elliott's mustache deserves separate billing. Some reactions:
  • The film is so "lumpish and crude" that Colin Covert saves most of his ire for a geographical offense. "The landscape around Yellowstone,
... More »

Don't Let This Army Captain Wear a Beard

Uniform, appearance exceptions a slippery slope to ruin

(Newser) - Following the Fort Hood shootings, top Army brass have worried about a “backlash” against Muslim soldiers. Funny, then, that the Army itself is creating the climate for backlash by eroding the uniform code with concessions to religious custom, writes Elaine Donnelly . Capt. Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, a Sikh, was granted... More »

Chuck Todd Chickens Out on Goatee Bet

Dodger-loving reporter donates to charity rather than shaving

(Newser) - Chuck Todd isn’t shaving off his goatee, despite having lost a baseball bet to Jake Tapper. The NBC talking head has taken the coward’s way out and will donate to charity instead. Todd was supposed to shed his trademark goatee if the Dodgers lost the NLCS; had they... More »

Drunk Fan to Brad: Lose the Ugly 'Stache

Goatee is 'just horrible,' according to party guest

(Newser) - Thank goodness someone finally said aloud what we’ve all been thinking. A drunken guest at a Golden Globes after-party asked Brad Pitt to shave his "horrible" goatee, the Daily Mail reports. The woman also “went on and on about how the aging make-up in The Curious Case ... More »

Niners Hope to Ride 'Staches to Victory Sunday

Facial hair grown for game in throwback uniforms

(Newser) - 49ers' coach Mike Singletary can only hope his players are working as hard on their drills as they are on their mustaches. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that many on the team have been growing out their whiskers for Sunday's "throwback game"—in tribute to the glorious, cheesy... More »

US Troops in Afghanistan Battle Beard Ban

Clean-shaven troops complain lack of facial hair makes it harder to win Afghan respect

(Newser) - American troops in Afghanistan want to take a razor to the military's long-standing rule banning beards, US News & World Report writes. Beards are a sign of manhood in traditional areas of Afghanistan, and clean-shaven troops grumble that the rule—which the military maintains is essential for hygiene and... More »

The Best All-Time Beards

These guys have the most notable chin hairs in history

(Newser) - To celebrate the public premiere of Charles Darwin's beard (or at least hair from it his great, great grandson found in a small leather box) at the British Natural History Museum, the London Times lists the best all-time chin hairs:
  1. Karl Marx. The collapse of the Soviet Union may have
... More »

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