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Todd Akin: I'm Not Going Anywhere

But apologizes for 'legitimate rape' as top GOPers tell him to quit

(Newser) - The calls are raining down for Todd Akin to bow out of his Senate race after opining that "legitimate rape" victims were not at risk of getting pregnant, but the Missouri Republican says he's staying put. "I'm not a quitter," he said on Mike Huckabee'... More »

Democrats Winning 2012 Money Race (Sort of)

But numbers don't include independent groups

(Newser) - Republicans appear to be on the ropes in the race to raise money for the 2012 election—depending on how you look at it. The Republican National Committee, Congressional Committee, and Senatorial Committee raised a combined $105 million through July—compared to $129 for their Democratic counterparts, Politico reports. The... More »

Christine O'Donnell to GOP: Hellllllllp!

Also, you want to fight?

(Newser) - Christine O'Donnell continued her strange tango with the Republican Party today, appearing on ABC to apparently kick the NRSC in the shins, while simultaneously asking it to open up its wallet. "We're hoping that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will help us. But it's two and a half weeks... More »

O'Donnell to GOP: Hannity's 'in My Back Pocket'

Senate hopeful complains party leaving her in the cold

(Newser) - Feeling sorely underfunded, Christine O’Donnell has warned the GOP she has a secret weapon: She says she’s “got Sean Hannity in my back pocket, and I can go on his show and raise money by attacking you guys,” top Republicans tell Howard Fineman of the Huffington... More »

Christine O'Donnell: GOP Has Abandoned Me

... Because she trails by 19 points

(Newser) - She can't remember any recent Supreme Court cases, but Christine O'Donnell isn't about to forget how the GOP is sitting on its wallet instead of pouring cash into her gaffe-infused race. “The Republican Party on the state level, or on the national level, neither have come in to help... More »

GOP Wanted 'Hicky' Actors for West Virginia Commercial

Casting call leaks; notice suggested actors wear beat-up John Deere hats

(Newser) - Well this is awkward. A Republican ad for the West Virginia Senate race backfired today, after its less-than-flattering casting call leaked. “We are going for a ‘Hicky’ Blue Collar look,” read the casting notice, which Democrats sent to Politico . “These characters are from West Virginia, so... More »

Republicans Won't Retake Senate

GOP would need to stage three or four massive upsets

(Newser) - Republicans are hoping to clean up this November, but they can pretty much forget about taking over the upper chamber, David Catanese writes for Politico . The GOP needs to gain 10 seats to take over, and they have decent odds in six or seven contests. But to pick up those... More »

Senate GOP Quizzes Base About 2012

Potential nominee: John McCain (yes, that John McCain)

(Newser) - Republicans, are you ready to repeat the McCain-Obama showdown? No? Well, the National Republican Senatorial Committee figured it ought to check, just to be sure. The NRSC, which you would think would be busy working on 2010 Senate campaigns, sent a questionnaire to its supporters asking which presidential candidate they’... More »

Attack Ad Doesn't Show Democrat Masturbating: GOP

He's bare-chested. So what?

(Newser) - The web has no shortage of salacious videos—and a new one, compliments of the GOP, appears to depict a Democratic nominee for the Senate masturbating. Roger Ebert—who knows a thing or two about film—declared the video "vile!" but the National Republican Senatorial Committee insists its... More »

GOP Wants Crist Out of Florida Senate Race

Up in the polls, Rubio gets party blessing

(Newser) - The Republican Party is making a none-too-subtle push to get onetime golden boy Charlie Crist out of Florida's Senate race. “We believe there is zero chance Gov. Crist continues running in the Republican primary,” says the executive director of the National Republican Senate Committee. The group once tried... More »

Jim DeMint Becomes Hill's Top Tea Partier

South Carolina senator throws weight behind conservative insurgents

(Newser) - Jim DeMint has thrown his lot in with the hyper-conservative tea party movement, backing far-right candidates against party favorites in several key 2010 races. In the process, the South Carolina senator’s picked up a pile of enemies in the party leadership, but he’s also grown his influence. Even... More »

Disaffected Right, Left Close Purse Strings to Parties

Miffed at election behavior, partisans boycott DCCC, NRCC, etc.

(Newser) - Frustrated voters are letting Congressional Democrats and Republicans know how they feel—by opening their mouths and closing their pocketbooks. One Dem blogger, miffed at the DNC for perceived inaction in the Maine gay marriage fight, has proposed a boycott on donations to the national committee: “Clearly, money talks.... More »

GOP Raises More Cash Than Dems in Aug.

Unusual spike gives minority party $1.7M more for the month

(Newser) - Republican campaign committees got a big fundraising bump in August, pulling in $1.7 million more than Democrats, despite being the minority party. “Republicans have been able to tap into some of the anger against Democrats in power and translate that into fundraising,” one analyst tells USA Today.... More »

Beltway GOP Dumps Palin—Again—as Headliner

Opts for Gingrich to give speech at fundraiser

(Newser) - After twice inviting Sarah Palin to speak at its fundraiser tonight, the GOP's congressional wing has again withdrawn its offer, Politico reports. The confusion began months ago when the National Republican Congressional and Senatorial Committees announced the Alaska governor as the event's headliner. Palin didn't commit, so organizers picked Newt... More »

Romney: Don't Wish Failure on Obama

Ex-gov urges GOP to remember president isn't always wrong

(Newser) - Opposing President Obama shouldn't be a reflex response for Republicans, Mitt Romney told party members at the Republican Senatorial Committee’s spring dinner last night. The former Massachusetts governor spent most of his speech laying into Obama's policies, but also had some words of praise for the president's actions on... More »

Recession Dents Party Coffers

Fundraising unusually low for this point in the cycle

(Newser) - With recession raging and without a campaign to attract attention, donations to both political parties have fallen, reports the Washington Post. Donations to the six major party committees are off 26% from the same period 2 years ago. “People are feeling it,” an energy executive told Rep. Chris... More »

Palin May Not Show for Dinner She's Headlining

GOP advertising her, but spokesman says governor is undecided

(Newser) - Congressional Republicans were getting ahead of themselves when they announced that Sarah Palin would headline June's Senate-House dinner in DC, one of the biggest GOP powwows of the year, the Anchorage Daily News reports. In reality, Palin hasn’t even decided if she’s attending, her spokesman said yesterday. “... More »

Bunning Is the GOP's Burris

Despite electoral peril and party pressure, gaffe-prone Kentucky senator won't retire

(Newser) - Senator Jim Bunning, a former Hall of Fame pitcher, may have absorbed too much “quitters never win” talk while still an athlete: The New York Times reports that the erratic Kentuckian won’t go away, despite his Republican colleagues’ best efforts. Bunning barely held his seat in 2004 after... More »

Franken to Be Declared Winner Today

But GOP vows to fight on

(Newser) - Funnyman-about to-turn-Sen. Al Franken is expected to be officially declared the winner of the marathon recount in the US Senate race in Minnesota today—but don't expect incumbent Norm Coleman to quietly accept the decision. His campaign will challenge the result in court, and Senate Republicans will oppose Franken being... More »

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