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A Doctorate Foiled by the Nazis No Longer

Ingeborg Rapoport will be the oldest person ever to receive a doctoral degree

(Newser) - Ingeborg Rapoport, a 102-year-old retired neonatologist, is about to become the oldest person ever to receive a doctoral degree. Already impressive—but adding more intrigue to this story is the fact that Rapoport submitted her thesis on diphtheria to the University of Hamburg in 1938. The 77-year-long wait for a... More »

More Women Who Have a PhD or MD Also Have Kids

80% of American women ages 40 to 44 with such a degree now have a kid

(Newser) - Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reported that married women in the US are having more children , while unmarried women are having fewer. It may not be a coincidence, then, that a new Pew Research Center analysis of Census data finds that more married women in... More »

Paging Dr. Nurse: New Degree Sparks Turf War

Physicians irked at nurses' doctoral status

(Newser) - A doctoral degree for nurses has sparked a backlash from physicians, who say referring to nurses by the title "doctor" could be confusing to patients, NPR reports. “I can just imagine a patient walking into my exam room and saying, ‘Now, Dr. Smith, are you a doctor... More »

America's 20 Smartest Small Towns

Where brains and high property values meet

(Newser) - America's brainiest small towns boast high property values and high culture. Forbes lists the nation's smartest:
  1. Bethesda, Md.: Nearby Georgetown and the National Institutes of Health draw brainy folk to Bethesda, which has a rate of advanced degrees five times higher than the nation's.
  2. Wellesley, Mass.: Home to two private
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4 Stories