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Bill Gates: I'd Give This Book to Every College Graduate

He recommends 'The Better Angels of Our Nature' by Steven Pinker

(Newser) - Bill Gates may be a college dropout himself, but he's still hit up for advice quite a bit from college graduates. In a series of tweets spotted by Business Insider , Gates is offering that advice to all. Among other things, he writes that if he were a college freshman... More »

How Not to Be Boring

Esquire's advice on keeping things interesting

(Newser) - Are you a bit of a dullard? Me, too. Thankfully, the folks at Esquire have put together a guide to being cool. Well, cooler. Here are some of their tips for the socially challenged:
  • First of all, just don't be boring: If what you're saying is making your own eyes
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Pointers for a Good Marriage—or Business Deal

Turn your relationship into a strategic alliance

(Newser) - With visions of June brides dancing in her head, Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter has advice for newlyweds. Her 15 pointers apply equally well to companies executing deals—not mergers, in which "one company disappears," but alliances and partnerships. Some highlights, from the Harvard Business Review... More »

Hey, Ladies: Happiness Is Overrated

Women need to remember: discontent can be good

(Newser) - Achieving happiness has become a national obsession, but no two studies seem to agree on what women need to do to "be happy": Get married as soon as possible! Wait until you’re 25 to get married! Have kids! Don’t have kids! Eat more salmon! “You know... More »

Ashley Dupre Strips for Playboy

Talks escort gig origins, Eliot Spitzer

(Newser) - Oh, goody: more (much, much more) Ashley Dupre! The call girl-turned- advice columnist bares all in an eight-page Playboy spread out Friday, the New York Daily News reports. In case you’re one of those people who only reads it for the articles, she also talks about her early life... More »

Vixen Author Embraces Her Inner Betty Crocker

And, surprisingly, some would benefit from listening to her

(Newser) - Karrine Steffans has had drama-riddled relationships with famous rappers and celebs such as Mike Tyson and Bill Maher. Her “relationships have been major public train wrecks,” writes Jo Piazza for DoubleX, from allegations of abuse at the hands of Tyson to her suicide attempt following her breakup with... More »

Bathroom Is for Texting, Not Talking: Pitt

Brad doles out etiquette tips for the Internet age

(Newser) - The times, they are a-changin’—and that calls for new rules of etiquette. To help out, Brad Pitt addresses issues ranging from inter-Rock Band dynamics to texting in the bathroom for Wired:
  • Problem: Your Rock Band bassist sucks. Solution: “Fire his ass. Bonus: It'll put the others on
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In Job Hunt, Tech Boosts Old-School Networking

Sites like Monster aren't getting people jobs

(Newser) - The best way to get back into the workforce is both time-tested and cutting-edge: networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter are taking the place of the old-fashioned phone call, Farhad Manjoo writes for Slate: "The most forward-looking job seekers have all but abandoned job-listing sites in favor of... More »

Gwyneth: Goop Haters Just Don't Get It

(Newser) - Back off, Goop detractors. Gwyneth Paltrow is tired of people sniping about her advice-dispensing website. "I think the people who are criticizing it or criticizing the idea of it, don't really get it, because if they did, they would like it," Paltrow tells People. The latest salvo came... More »

New Zagat Guide Gives Dating Advice

(Newser) - Zagat has issued a new guide—not to dining, but to dating and dumping in the big city, the New York Times reports. The survey of residents in New York, Los Angeles, and other cities says:
  • Blind dates: Just 2% considered them a good way to meet partners. Mutual friends
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