Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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Springsteen, Fallon Tweak Christie on Bridge Scandal

Perform 'Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, NJ, Traffic Jam' on 'Late Night'

(Newser) - Chris Christie may have just hit bottom: The New Jersey governor is such a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen that he actually wept when the Boss hugged him . But last night, hours after Christie's State of the State speech , Springsteen joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night to bash the... More »

Seth Meyers to Replace Fallon

'SNL' head writer heading over to new NBC 'Late Night' gig

(Newser) - Seth Meyers is trading in the "Weekend Update" desk to succeed fellow Saturday Night Live alum Jimmy Fallon over at Late Night, reports Entertainment Weekly . “We think Seth is one of the brightest, most insightful comedy writers and performers of his generation,” says NBC's entertainment chief.... More »

Leno: Yep, I'm Gone Next Year

Jimmy Fallon expected to take over 'Tonight Show' in February

(Newser) - The worst-kept secret in Hollywood is secret no more. NBC and Jay Leno confirmed today that Leno will leave his Tonight Show in 2014 after 22 years and turn over hosting duties to Jimmy Fallon, says the Hollywood Reporter . As part of the move, Fallon will indeed bring the show... More »

Leno Bashes NBC Amid Fallon Rumors

'Tonight Show' host hits network 3 nights in a row

(Newser) - Hmm, can anyone think of a reason Jay Leno might be unhappy with NBC? Amid rumors that he's being replaced as Tonight Show host by Jimmy Fallon, Leno has mocked his network for the past three nights, the AP reports. Late night hosts often take potshots at the hand... More »

Is NBC Talking Exit Plan for Leno?

Sources say network is worried about losing young audience, eying Jimmy Fallon

(Newser) - The end could be nigh again for Jay Leno: The Hollywood Reporter , citing "two high-level industry sources," says that NBC is looking to make the 2013-2014 season of the Tonight Show the comedian's last. Leno's heir apparent this time around? Jimmy Fallon, as the network reportedly... More »

Letterman, Fallon Shows Go on ... Minus Audiences

Storm halts Broadway, film productions

(Newser) - David Letterman and Jimmy Fallon didn't let superstorm Sandy stop them taping their shows yesterday, but there was nobody except crew members around to laugh, Entertainment Weekly reports. Letterman started his show sitting behind his desk in an empty Ed Sullivan Theater while Fallon started his show in the... More »

Tom Hanks Performs Slam Poem About ... Full House

On 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

(Newser) - Just when you thought F-bomb-dropping Tom Hanks could not possibly get any cooler, he goes on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and performs a slam poem about … a 1990s sitcom. "Full House, house full of men. Danny, Jesse, Joey, father, uncle, friend," intoned a very serious Hanks... More »

Hillary Clinton to Jason Segel: Maybe I'll Work With You...

But only if Muppets are involved

(Newser) - Jason Segel has made no secret of his love for Hillary Clinton, telling Us earlier this year that he wants to co-star with her ("I just feel like she would be good at comedy") and, he admitted to Jimmy Fallon last week, often joking with How I Met ... More »

Obama Slow-Jams the News on Fallon

President makes a play for young voters

(Newser) - As Mitt Romney celebrated his five-state sweep, President Obama was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon making a play for young voters. The president took part in one of Fallon's signature bits, "slow-jamming" the news as house band The Roots laid down a groove, Entertainment Weekly reports. "... More »

Obama Blames 'Knuckleheads' for Scandal at Secret Service

3 more agents are out of jobs

(Newser) - President Obama tried to defuse the Secret Service scandal a bit during an interview with Jimmy Fallon that airs tonight, reports USA Today . The agents on the whole are "incredible," said Obama. “They protect me, they protect our girls. A couple of knuckleheads shouldn’t detract from... More »

NBC Bans Walk-On Hijinks for Jimmy Fallon's Drummer

Network execs want to clear all choices after Bachmann incident

(Newser) - Bad news for those of you who were highly amused by Questlove's choice of walk-on song for Michele Bachmann: It won't be happening again. The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon drummer tells Rolling Stone he was informed the very next morning that he must now clear every song... More »

Bachmann Gets Her Apology From NBC

VP calls Fallon incident 'unacceptable'

(Newser) - Apparently outrage from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck , and Michele Bachmann herself did the trick: NBC’s vice president sent a personal letter to Bachmann apologizing for the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon walk-on song incident , the AP reports. The VP called it “not only unfortunate but also unacceptable,”... More »

Limbaugh, Beck Outraged Over Fallon-Bachmann Incident

Limbaugh responds by 'introducing' Michelle Obama...

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have both weighed in on the Michele Bachman-Jimmy Fallon incident , coming down firmly on the side of Bachmann. “She’s right, if that had been Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton” who was introduced with a derogatory song, “NBC would have fired the entire... More »

Bachmann Demands NBC Apology for Fallon 'Outrage'

She's still cool with Jimmy, though

(Newser) - Apparently apologies from Questlove and Jimmy Fallon weren’t enough for Michele Bachmann. Reflecting on her Late Night introduction song incident—which she called “an outrage”—Bachmann insisted to Fox's America’s Newsroom that, while she accepts Fallon’s apology, she wants one from NBC as well.... More »

Now Fallon Apologizes to Bachmann

'Late Night' host apologizes via Twitter

(Newser) - Questlove isn’t the only one who’s sorry about the less-than-flattering walk-on song the Roots played for Michele Bachmann’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon appearance Monday. Fallon himself apologized to Bachmann via Twitter yesterday, tweeting, "I'm honored that @michelebachmann was on our show yesterday and I'... More »

Fallon's Drummer: Sorry About That Bachmann Song

... the one called 'Lyin' Ass Bitch'

(Newser) - Most of today's buzz about Michele Bachmann's appearance on Jimmy Fallon's show last night wasn't so much about her yukking it up with the host but about the song that Fallon's band played as she entered. The Roots chose Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch,... More »

The 10 Most Ridiculous World Records of 2010

Snuggling with bunnies, stuffing bananas in your pants, and other atrocities

(Newser) - Have you ever wondered how many bananas you can fit in your pants? Or how many times you could get a Mattress World employee to say the word mattress in one phone conversation? Everyday, people from around the world send in their ridiculous world records to the Universal Record Database.... More »

Jimmy Fallon Lands Emmy Hosting Gig

'Late Night' host beats out team of Justin Timberlake and Amdy Samberg

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon will host the Aug. 29 Emmy Awards telecast, which not coincidentally will air on NBC. The announcement is no surprise—predecessor Conan O'Brien did the honors in 2002 and 2006—but the identity of the runners-up for the gig may be, the Los Angeles Times reports. Justin Timberlake... More »

Jimmy Does Kate's Awful DWTS Dance

Plus, the Gosselins are back to sparring in court

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon just had to express his conflicted emotions about the paparazzi through dance last night—you know, like Kate Gosselin did on Dancing With the Stars. Watch his spot-on impression in the gallery. The Late Night host isn’t the only one attacking Gosselin for her role on DWTS—... More »

Jimmy Fallon Wipes Out During Vodka Race

Chelsea Handler wins, obviously

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler competed in a vodka martini race last night, and Handler won—after the Late Night host fell and cut his hand on a broken martini glass. "You made me bleed!" Fallon accused Handler, as she concluded, "This is an awful game. I... More »

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