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Joe Biden Daughter Gets Married

Ashley Biden marries Howard Krein in Delaware

(Newser) - Now this is a really big deal for Joe Biden: The veep's only daughter, Ashley Biden, yesterday married Dr. Howard Krein in the same Delaware church in which she was baptized, reports People . The 30-year-old bride wore Vera Wang, and dad was ready for the waterworks: "I kept... More »

Biden Daughter Blasts Trump

Birther 'makes me ill,' she says on Facebook

(Newser) - As Donald Trump brings new media attention to the birther movement, the White House is keeping mum—but Joe Biden’s daughter isn't. Ashley Biden slammed Trump on Facebook last night, saying he "makes me ill...bring it on!" She added that “this discussion or debate over... More »

Ashley Biden Cocaine Video Was a Setup

'Friend' hoped to hit jackpot by hawking video of VP's kid

(Newser) - The video that supposedly shows Ashley Biden snorting cocaine was a pure set-up, Radar reports. The man hawking the video to media outlets—a so-called "friend" of of the VP’s daughter—bought the cocaine himself, along with a hidden camera, as part of an elaborate plot to make... More »

Lawyer Blows Off Alleged Ashley Biden Coke Video

Says not involved after shopping tape to press

(Newser) - The DC lawyer hawking a video that purportedly showed Joe Biden’s daughter snorting coke has suddenly dropped the client—a supposed friend of Ashley Biden—who provided the tape, the New York Daily News reports. Thomas Dunlap refused to identify the provider of the film, which was being shopped... More »

Man Shops 'Biden Daughter' Cocaine Video to Newspaper

He claims tape shows Ashley snorting coke

(Newser) - A man claiming to be a friend of Vice President Joe Biden's daughter is offering to sell the media a videotape that allegedly shows her snorting cocaine at a party this month, reports the New York Post. The man approached the Post through a lawyer, initially asking for $2 million.... More »

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