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MSNBC Host Sparks Outrage by Doubting Use of 'Hero'

Chris Hayes, meet the conservative blogosphere

(Newser) - MSNBC host Chris Hayes fired up a Memorial Day Weekend controversy yesterday by saying he was "uncomfortable" with calling fallen soldiers "heroes," the New York Daily News reports. “I feel uncomfortable about the word hero because it seems to me that it is so rhetorically proximate... More »

Heroes to Kill Major Character

We just don't who yet, only that it's a male

(Newser) - A central character will die on Heroes this season. The only hints we get are that the character is male and part of the original cast. E! Online columnist Kristin Dos Santos knows but "can't come right out and name any names." But she adds that "I... More »

10 Most Addictive Shows Ever

24 takes top honors, followed by Lost , Friends

(Newser) - Jack Bauer doesn't even have to torture you to keep you glued to your couch, reports the Daily Telegraph, scoring nearly a fifth of the votes for most addictive show in a survey of some 3000 couch potatoes. “Although crime doesn't pay, as our list reveals, it most certainly... More »

Hollywood Acts That Could Use a Bailout

MTV, Paris Hilton, the Oscars among franchises needing a makeover

(Newser) - Like Wall Street and Detroit, Hollywood is sinking under stagnant numbers and outdated business plans. The Los Angeles Times runs down some Tinseltown properties in need of a bailout.
  • MTV: The once counter-culture juggernaut should take a hint and develop edgy new dramas a la Gossip Girl.
  • Law and Order:
... More »

NBC Axes 'Heroes' Writers

Ratings falling on budget-busting drama

(Newser) - The top writer-producers of the struggling NBC drama series "Heroes" have been axed. Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb were fired because NBC executives were frustrated by falling ratings and increasing budget overruns, reports Variety. The program, costing some $4 million an episode, has struggled to hold viewers' attention in... More »

How to Make Heroes Super Again

(Newser) - The "zeitgeist-tapping, blockbuster event" that was Heroes has fallen in both ratings and creative zeal, Jeff Jensen writes in Entertainment Weekly. Here's his five-point plan to fix it:
  1. Hang up some tights: Telepathic policeman Matt Parkman, last seen wandering the African desert, must go. So too Suresh
... More »

Heroes Star's Dad Charged With Hitting Wife

(Newser) - Heroes star Hayden Panettiere's father, Alan, was charged with misdemeanor battery yesterday for hitting wife Lesley. After a late night out at their 19-year-old daughter's charity event last month, he allegedly struck her "one or two times on the cheek causing bruising with a closed fist," an LA... More »

New Season Turns Heroes Into Victims

Generation Y's 'woe is us' attitude blindingly reflected in NBC's sci-fi drama

(Newser) - Beginning their third season tonight, the scrappy band of young world-savers of NBC’s Heroes is just in time, Alessandra Stanley writes in the New York Times. The dangers they have to face, from a sinister conglomerate started by their parents to deadly viruses, make a convenient parallel to the... More »

Panettiere's Dad Accused of Hitting Wife

Teen star's parents got into spat at her charity event

(Newser) - Teen actress Hayden Panettiere's father posted $50,000 bail yesterday after he was arrested on felony domestic violence charges following a fight with his wife at their daughter’s charity event, People reports. Alan Panettiere and the Heroes star's mom, Lesley Vogel, “were doing a good amount of yelling”... More »

Most-Traded Music, Movies and TV Shows of 2007

Shop Boyz, Heroes , Resident Evil excite most P2P users

(Newser) - Forget box office numbers and Billboard charts: Wired reveals what people were really into last year by probing the action on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. The year's most-traded files: Songs:
  1. Shop Boyz, "Party Like A Rock Star"
  2. Akon, "I Wanna Luv U"
  3. Sean Kingston, "Beautiful Girls"
  1. Resident
... More »

'Heroes' Can't Save NBC From Ad Refunds

Dismal fall ratings, writers' strike prompt unusual move

(Newser) - With a lack of fall blockbusters keeping its ratings down and the writers' strike jeopardizing current and future offerings, NBC is giving money back to advertisers for prime time underperformers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Typically, networks give advertisers additional spots—“make goods"—when shows fail to draw.... More »

Hair Alert: Best and Worst on TV

Entertainment Weekly rolls out the best and worse hair on television

(Newser) - What's TV for, if not an excellent opportunity to mock celebrity hairstyles? Entertainment Weekly readers selected the best and worst: Hair-Do Top Five:
  1. Chloe (Allison Mack), "Smallville"
  2. Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), "Heroes"
  3. Karen (Natalie Zia), "Dirty Sexy Money"
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iPhone Tops Google Search List

Fastest-growing US search term in 2007

(Newser) - The iPhone topped Google’s list of fastest-growing search terms this year, reports Reuters. "iPhone, of course, is a word very few people typed in a search box in 2006,” said a Google rep. “It didn’t exist.” The list was dominated by social networking and... More »

'Sopranos' Rules Emmy Nods

After complaints that awards were in a rut, newcomers dot the nomination list

(Newser) - "The Sopranos" went out on an underwhelming note but still managed to dominate the Emmy nominations announced today, collecting 15 nods, including best drama and best leading actor and actress for James Gandolfini and Edie Falco. Half of this year's nominees will join the party for the first time,... More »

Cheney Should TiVo 'Heroes'

The War on Terror could take some pointers from NBC show, says Juan Cole

(Newser) - With the ratings on Jack Bauer's "24" fading almost as fast as those of George Bush's White House, it's time for the principals in the war in Iraq to start studying "Heroes"—the most-watched show on television this year—writes Salon's Juan Cole. In fact, think of... More »

Kevin Reilly Quits NBC

Entertainment prez leaves struggling network; Zucker recruits Reveille head

(Newser) - Kevin Reilly is bolting from his gig as NBC's entertainment president, reports Variety, after network capo Jeff Zucker recruited Reveille head Ben Silverman for a position over him. Reilly—who produced several hits including Heroes and Deal or No Deal—will take his multi-million dollar severance package and most likely... More »

Fourth-Place Peacock Goes Light on New Shows

NBC puts quality ahead of quantity, sticks with light, cerebral, heroic for fall

(Newser) - NBC offered surprising few new plays for its 2007-08 season, with only one new comedy, five new dramas and a slew of cancellations. The network has been bringing up the rear in a generally bearish market, but signaled it would continue to push shows with critical acclaim but middling commercial... More »

Big Guns Battle Video Sharing With Free TV Shows

Copyright-protected content will be available for free online in new NBC-News Corp. partnernship

(Newser) - TV biggies NBC Universal and News Corp. are teaming up to hit YouTube with the full force of their their combined TV content, offered online for free. Starting this summer, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN and News Corp. subsidiary MySpace will hope to win over internet users (and the advertising that... More »

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