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Ban Lifted on Hotel Guest 17 Years After Poop 'Tornado'

Nick Burchill allowed back at BC's Fairmont Empress after a seagull fracas in his room

(Newser) - A Canadian man barred from a British Columbia hotel for 17 years has successfully reversed his lifetime ban with "a pound of Brothers TNT Pepperoni as a peace offering." To understand the significance of that gift, it's necessary to know the truly insane story of how Nick... More »

Canada Declares Chelsea Manning 'Inadmissible'

She says she plans to appeal decision

(Newser) - Chelsea Manning says Canada has "permanently banned" her—but she's planning to appeal the decision. Manning tweeted a photo Monday of a letter from Canadian authorities describing her as "inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality" because of her conviction under the US Espionage Act, the CBC reports.... More »

Bollywood Film on Castes Banned in India

3 states bar movie, worried it could infuriate lower castes

(Newser) - Three Indian states have banned a new Bollywood film that addresses the caste system. The film has already sparked the anger of lower caste groups, who say it fuels prejudice, the AP reports. The lower caste groups, called Dalits, make up about a quarter of India’s population. The film,... More »

UK Teen Banned From US for Drunk Email to Obama

FBI says British kid banned 'forever' over threatening missive

(Newser) - Drunk emailing: Never a good idea, especially not when you're emailing the president. That's what Luke Angel did, and now the British teen is banned from entering the United States. Angel, 17, tells Bedfordshire on Sunday he was "drunk and high" when he penned his missive about a month... More »

Most Hypocritical Book Bannings

(Newser) - Banning a book is a move laden with ironies that can make the banner seem dull-witted in the long run. For National Banned Books Week, lists "the most hypocritical, ignorant, and, based on the content of the books, ironic" bans:
  • Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury: The sci-fi
... More »

Ill. Parents Seek to Ban Award-Winning Novel

Language, sex in Alexie book inappropriate for high schoolers

(Newser) - Parents at an Illinois high school are trying to get Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian taken off the summer reading list, and out of the school’s library, the Chicago Tribune reports. “I can’t imagine anyone finding this book appropriate for 13-... More »

Martha's Banned From Britain, Too

(Newser) - American shock jock Michael Savage is only the latest celebrity banned from entering the UK; Mental Floss compiles a list of other notables:
  • Martha Stewart: “It’s frankly hard to believe that any country would want to ban Martha, domestic goddess of all that is clean and organized and
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