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12 Celebrity Bromances

Matt Damon and ... wait for it ... John Krasinski

(Newser) - Everyone knows about Ben Affleck's "bromance" with Matt Damon, but did you know The Office star John Krasinski is also good buddies with Damon? The two first met while Damon was filming The Adjustment Bureau with Krasinski's wife, Emily Blunt, and then they co-wrote, co-produced, and co-starred... More »

There's No Touchy-Feely in the Bromance

Feelings, schmeelings; dudes just want to hang

(Newser) - Mark Leonard has played on a softball team with the same pals since 1978. And when he and his teammates get together, "our conversations deal with the doing of things rather than the feeling of things," Leonard says. His experience mirrors what researchers say about gender differences in... More »

On Craigslist, Bromance Is King

Men show softer sides in ads seeking best buddies

(Newser) - Men looking to be swept off their feet—in a “strictly platonic” kind of way—know where to go: Craigslist, where ads seeking bromance are pouring in. A few of the best, as reported by the Frisky:
  • “Having just watched the movie I Love You, Man (which was
... More »

Obama and Brooks: Best Buds

The odd friendship between a conservative columnist and liberal president

(Newser) - Nominal conservative David Brooks is one of President Obama’s unlikeliest allies, writes Gabriel Sherman for the New Republic. The New York Times columnist was on board early, publishing an op-ed titled “Run, Barack, Run” in 2006. Lately, Brooks has written more favorably of Obama than Paul Krugman has.... More »

Best. Bromance. Ever.

(Newser) - Some people may see Star Trek for the action. Some go for the bromance. In Star Trek II, when Spock used his dying breath to tell Kirk, “I have been and always shall be your friend,” it cemented them as the greatest bromance ever. But not all guy... More »

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