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Egyptologists Examine 'Sensational' Discovery

Prosthesis could be one of oldest ever found

(Newser) - Think losing a toe in ancient Egypt meant you'd be forever without one? Not so, at least in one case. Egyptologists from Switzerland's University of Basel have since 2015 been studying what a press release calls an "ancient Egyptian elite cemetery" near Luxor, and one of its... More »

Tears Flow as Girl Sees Doll Has Prosthetic Like Her

Emma Bennett floored at seeing modified American Girl doll

(Newser) - Part of the American Girl doll brand's claim to fame is that kids can get a doll made in their own likeness—but Emma Bennett's parents wanted to go one step further. The Texas 10-year-old has a prosthetic leg ( KHOU notes she was born with a rare... More »

This Bionic Leg Can Read Your Thoughts

Leg reads 'reinnervated' nerves to predict body movements

(Newser) - Zac Vawter imagines movements that his leg mimics just like everyone else. When going up an incline, he visualizes his ankle moving as needed, and it does. But there's something remarkable about that moment: It's actually "a marvel of 21st century engineering," reports the Los ... More »

Feds: Hospital Scammer Sold Patients' Prostheses

Health worker replaced working artificial limbs, sold them online: probe

(Newser) - Seeing this health worker could literally cost you an arm and a leg. A hospital official may have tricked his patients into replacing quality prostheses so he could trade the originals for cash on eBay, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. The FBI is looking into whether the head of prosthetic... More »

Cancer Survivor Forced to Remove Breast in Pat-Down

'You'll need to show me that,' says TSA agent

(Newser) - A cancer surviving flight attendant was recently forced to remove her prosthetic breast during an airport pat-down, the veteran flier has revealed. Cathy Bossi, who worries about the cancer risks of excess radiation, reluctantly went through a body scanner before boarding a flight at the Charlotte Douglas International airport for... More »

Fired Disabled Woman: Abercrombie a 'Sweatshop'

Brit won nearly $15K for wrongful dismissal

(Newser) - The 22-year-old British student with a prosthetic arm who won nearly $15,000 in a discrimination lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch compares its working conditions to a sweatshop. “I found it disturbing,” Riam Dean tells the Daily Mail. “There were so many people in such a tiny... More »

Elephant Getting Prosthetic Leg

(Newser) - A 48-year-old Thai elephant who stepped on a landmine 10 years ago got fitted for permanent artificial leg today, the AP reports. Motola, who's become a cause celebré for the plight of elephants worldwide, got measured for the new limb at an elephant hospital in Thailand. Until now she’s... More »

Abercrombie Loses Lawsuit Over Clerk's Prosthetic Arm

(Newser) - The London woman banished to the Abercrombie & Fitch stockroom because of her prosthetic arm has been awarded more $13,000 by an employment tribunal, the BBC reports. Riam Dean wore a cardigan to cover the joint between her prosthesis and her body, but the sweater clashed with the retailer’... More »

New Robotic Arm Takes Cues From Brain

Improvements in field have given amputees dexterity, independence

(Newser) - Artificial limbs have come a long way from the wooden legs and plastic arms of old: Today's prosthetics take messages directly from the brain. Their performance far exceeds that of the previous generation of devices, which required concentrated effort to make ungainly motions. "You think, and then your muscles... More »

Vets Pioneer New Techniques for Limbs

Fusing metal with bone is helping cats and dogs walk again

(Newser) - Cutting-edge vets have developed new prosthetics for disabled animals that could bode well for human amputees, Time reports. The most exciting technique is called osseointegration—a procedure in which a porous prosthesis is inset into the bone, which then grows into the metallic holes, making a strong anchor onto which... More »

Whew! Mills Survives Week One

Beatles ex chats about Dancing With the Stars on just one good leg

(Newser) - Disabled Dancing With the Stars contestant and tabloid target Heather Mills (formerly Ms McCartney) says her one leg "turned to jelly" when she realized she was staying for another week on the show. Mills writes about her experience for USA Today, talking up her designated charities (Vegetarians International Voice... More »

Heather Mills Dances into America's Good Graces

(Newser) - Heather Mills, amputee victim and Beatle ex-wife, tried to foxtrot her way into the hearts of Americans last night on Dancing with the Stars. Much maligned by the British press since her acrimonious split with Paul McCartney last May, Mills, whom LInda Stasi calls "the most loathed amputee since... More »

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