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Slain Kansas Abortion Doc's Clinic Reopening

Protesters seek rezoning to block facility

(Newser) - After George Tiller was killed in 2009, his abortion clinic in Kansas shut down. This spring, it will once again open its doors—but not without plenty of controversy, the Huffington Post reports. An abortion rights group purchased Tiller's former building, but anti-abortion activists are fighting the reopening. As... More »

Judge OKs 'Necessity Defense' in Abort Doc Killing

Critics fear ruling will inspire new attacks

(Newser) - A Kansas judge has stunned prosecutors by ruling that the confessed killer of abortion doctor George Tiller can argue that the killing was a justified act aimed at saving unborn children. Prosecutors had fought to keep the abortion issue out of Scott Roeder's trial. Abortion rights advocates fear the ruling... More »

Judge Mulls 'Necessity Defense' in Doc Killing

Roeder claims he had to kill abortion physician to save fetuses

(Newser) - A Kansas judge will begin hearing motions today about whether or not to allow the killer of an abortion doctor to present a "neccesity defense," claiming that it was necessary to kill the physician to save fetuses. Scott Roeder, 51, has admitting gunning down Dr. George Tiller last... More »

Successor Continues Tiller's Battle

Provider of late-term abortions plies dangerous trade

(Newser) - It's not easy being the leading provider of late-term abortions. Since Leroy Carhart decided to take up the work of slain colleague and friend George Tiller, he's become the target of intense opposition from anti-abortion groups. Carhart has adapted his Omaha-area clinic to his dangerous new line of work, adding... More »

Nation's Only Late-Term Abortionist: 'I Will Never Be Safe'

(Newser) - The murder of George Tiller has left the nation with only one provider of late-term abortions—and that makes Warren Hern public enemy No. 1 on the fringes of the anti-abortion camp. "I will never be safe," Hern tells Esquire in a long profile. "I will always... More »

Accused Killer of Abortion Doc Wrestles With Pro-Life Group

Operation Rescue denies donations

(Newser) - The Kansas City man accused of gunning down an abortion provider is upset over his rocky relationship with a major pro-life group, the Kansas City Star reports. In a jailhouse interview, Scott Roeder said he has donated thousands of dollars to Operation Rescue—which denies the donations, denounces Roeder, and... More »

Pro-Lifers Eye Slain Abortion Doc's Clinic

Operation Rescue's offer to buy is publicity stunt: Tiller's lawyer

(Newser) - The pro-life group that long tried to shut down the abortion clinic of slain doctor George Tiller wants to buy the Kansas site for office space, an offer Tiller’s attorney dismisses as a publicity stunt, the AP reports. The Tiller family announced yesterday that the clinic offering third-trimester abortions... More »

Shooting Suspect: Closing of Abortion Clinic a 'Victory'

(Newser) - The man accused of murdering abortion provider George Tiller told CNN today that he considers it a “victory” that Tiller’s family will shut his Kansas clinic. The closure means “no more slicing and dicing of the unborn child,” Scott Roeder said in an interview. He did... More »

Tiller Family Will Shut Clinic

(Newser) - Slain abortion doctor George Tiller’s clinic will permanently close its doors, his family announced today. They said they would not be involved in another clinic, instead honoring Tiller through private charitable activities. “We are proud of the service and courage shown by our husband and father,” they... More »

Anti-Abortion Activists Target State Battlegrounds

In Mississippi, only one clinic remains

(Newser) - With President Obama in office, abortion is unlikely to become illegal under federal law anytime soon. So activists are taking their battle to the state level, pushing for complex rules and limits that make the procedure difficult to obtain, the Washington Post reports. "The states are the battlegrounds and... More »

Abortion Doc's Funeral Draws Hundreds

(Newser) - Roughly 900 people paid their respects to slain abortion doctor George Tiller today, while a small group of protesters gathered outside. Each of Tiller’s four children spoke, with the eulogy delivered by a longtime friend and fraternity brother, reports the Kansas City Star. “Dear God, get heaven ready,... More »

Tiller 'Knew Something Was Coming'

Murdered abortion doc worried about upsurge in protests, threats

(Newser) - George Tiller noticed a worrying rise in protesters outside his clinics and threats against him and his staff in the weeks before his death, the Kansas City Star reports. The abortion doctor shared his concerns with a colleague in North Carolina two weeks before he was shot. "I said,... More »

Feds to Probe Murder of Abortion Doc

Suspect may have broken 1994 law regulating clinic access

(Newser) - Federal investigators have opened a probe into the murder of abortion provider George Tiller, the AP reports. The Justice Department’s civil rights division will decide if Scott Roeder violated a federal law imposing criminal penalties for harmful conduct against abortion providers and patients. In a brief jailhouse phone interview,... More »

O'Reilly to Blame for Abortion Doctor's Murder

And I'll never appear on his show again, says pro-choice advocate

(Newser) - Abortion-rights advocate Mary Alice Carr has made many appearances on The O'Reilly Factor, to the anger of her progressive friends. But in an article for the Washington Post, Carr says she's through with the program—and blames Bill O'Reilly for the murder of Dr. George Tiller. "O'Reilly knew that... More »

George Tiller's Murder Was Terrorism

But despite her fear, abortion clinic worker vows to stand strong

(Newser) - Abortion clinic worker and activist Heather Corinna doesn’t support the Patriot Act, but the murder of Dr George Tiller appears to “fits squarely in its definition of domestic terrorism,” she writes for the Guardian. Abortion clinics have been dealing with this kind of violence and intimidation since... More »

Feds Boost Abortion Clinic Security Amid Tiller Probe

FBI checks earlier vandalism incident

(Newser) - US Attorney General Eric Holder boosted security for abortion providers yesterday as the FBI investigated a vandalism incident at the clinic operated by slain doctor George Tiller, the Wichita Eagle reports. Tiller reported a threat last month, days after the Women’s Health Care Services clinic sustained thousands of dollars... More »

Operation Rescue: Tiller 'Reaped What He Sowed'

Founder says pro-life movement not guilty in doctor's death

(Newser) - The head of a national anti-abortion ground based in Wichita, Kansas said yesterday that his organization was not responsible for the death of Dr. George Tiller, Gawker reports. Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry immediately went on to say Tiller “was a mass-murderer and, horrifically, he reaped what he sowed,... More »

'Everyone' Thought Tiller Suspect Was Crazy: Ex-Wife

(Newser) - The ex-wife of the man suspected in yesterday’s fatal shooting of a Kansas abortion doctor says Scott Roeder underwent a mental evaluation and that, though he didn’t consider himself unstable, “everyone else did.” Lindsey Roeder says Scott’s views on abortion were so fierce she stopped... More »

Abortion Doc Was Dedicated Despite Dangers

Kansas physician believed passionately in right to choose

(Newser) - Dr. George Tiller persevered as one of the nation’s highest-profile abortion providers despite decades of violence against him and his clinic because he was a staunch believer in a woman’s right to choose, reports the Wichita Eagle. The Kansas physician—who was shot to death yesterday in the... More »

Police Arrest Suspect in Murder of Abortion Doc

Obama 'shocked and outraged' by killing

(Newser) - Police in Wichita, Kan., have arrested a 51-year-old male suspect in the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, who was gunned down today as he walked into church, the Wichita Eagle reports. Wichita police Capt. Brent Allred did not name the suspect but did say other agencies, including the FBI,... More »

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