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Spokane Suspect's Neo-Nazi Ties Run Deep

Mentor had urged followers to strike

(Newser) - Kevin William Harpham, the man accused of plotting to set off a bomb in Spokane during the city's MLK parade, might have been nudged along by one of his white nationalist heroes. As Media Matters notes, Harpham had been a regular poster on the extremist website Vanguard News Network for... More »

Accused Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies

James von Brunn dead at 89 in prison hospital

(Newser) - The 89-year-old man accused of a deadly shooting at the Holocaust museum in Washington has died in a prison hospital, a government official says. James von Brunn reportedly died at a federal complex in Butner, North Carolina. He had been awaiting trial for the killing of security guard Stephen T.... More »

Museum Shooter: 'I Swore to Defend My Country'

Von Brunn was on suicide mission, prosecutor says

(Newser) - James von Brunn planned to die himself when he opened fire at the Holocaust Museum in June, an assault he planned well in advance to spread the word that the Holocaust was a hoax, prosecutors say. Von Brunn, 89, appeared in court for the first time today to answer charges... More »

Holocaust Museum Shooter Indicted

Von Brunn faces death penalty on first-degree murder charges in DC

(Newser) - The 89-year-old man who shot and killed a guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum last month was charged today with first-degree murder, killing in a federal building, and bias-motivated crime, among other accusations, the Washington Post reports. If convicted, James von Brunn faces life in prison, though four of the... More »

FBI Finds Child Porn on Museum Shooter's Computer

(Newser) - Police discovered child pornography on a computer during a search of the home of suspected Holocaust Museum gunman James von Brunn, the Washington Post reports. FBI agents would not detail the amount or type of material discovered in the 88-year-old's Annapolis apartment. They also found a rifle, a handwritten will,... More »

Von Brunn in 'No Condition' for Court: Judge

Hospitalized museum gunman, shot in face, still in critical condition

(Newser) - A white supremacist accused of fatally shooting a security guard at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is in no condition to appear in court, a federal judge ruled today. James von Brunn, 88, was shot in the face by guards who returned his fire last week and is still hospitalized.... More »

Two Killers Eluded FBI Hunt for 'Lone Wolves'

(Newser) - The shootings of George Tiller and a National Holocaust Museum guard came despite a renewed FBI effort to preempt solo acts of political violence, the Wall Street Journal reports. Identifying such extremists—while respecting their civil rights—is a challenge. Both James von Brunn and Scott Roeder expressed their views... More »

Museum Shooter's Son Wishes Dad Were Dead

(Newser) - The son of alleged Holocaust Museum killer James von Brunn wishes his father, rather than a "brave" security guard, had died this week, the Washington Post reports. "I cannot express enough how deeply sorry I am" that museum guard Stephen Johns died "and not my... More »

Defying Hate, Visitors Return to Holocaust Museum

Museum staff 'more dedicated than ever' after guard's murder

(Newser) - The National Holocaust Museum opened its doors again yesterday after a day of mourning for slain security guard Stephen Johns and hundreds of visitors lined up for admission, the Washington Post reports. Visitors, including families and school groups from around the country, spoke of their determination to defy the hatred... More »

Extremist UK Party Linked to Museum Shooter

Von Brunn attended fundraisers in US for whites-only BNP

(Newser) - Alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn has links to the British National Party, the whites-only extremist bloc that won two seats in the European Parliament in last week's vote, reports the Guardian. Von Brunn attended fundraising meetings of an American affiliate of the group, although he is not believed... More »

Von Brunn's Digital Trail Disappears

Web page, message board rants removed after suspect named

(Newser) - James von Brunn's online presence began to vanish within hours after he was named as the suspect in the Holocaust Museum shooting Wednesday, the Washington Post reports. Users trying to access his personal website received an error message, his user bio on Wikipedia was pulled, and the Free Republic message... More »

All Jewish Spaces Need Armed Guards

'Queasiness' aside, only guns can stop would-be killers

(Newser) - Yesterday’s Holocaust Museum shooting should stifle the queasiness American Jews feel around weapons, Jeffrey Goldberg writes for the Atlantic. “One of the lessons of the Holocaust to me is that it is more difficult to kill an armed Jew than an unarmed Jew,” he says. Had the... More »

Museum Shooter Charged With Murder

Slain guard opened door as courtesy to von Brunn, 88

(Newser) - The suspect in yesterday’s Holocaust Museum shooting has been charged with murder, the AP reports, and could face the death penalty; hate-crime charges are also possible. Slain security guard Stephen Johns was opening the door for James von Brunn when the 88-year-old fatally shot him, CNN adds; guards fired... More »

Beck: Al-Qaeda Working With Neo-Nazis

Museum shooting proves conservatives, not just Jews, in danger

(Newser) - Glenn Beck offered his own bizarre take on the Holocaust Museum shooting last night, telling his flock that it was a warning of things to come. “The pot is boiling,” Glenn gravely intoned, and nut-jobs are going to come out of the woodwork. “Groups like al-Qaeda are... More »

Museum Shooter Was Growing Despondent

Struggling Von Brunn warned people that they wouldn't see him again

(Newser) - Acquaintances of James von Brunn say the 88-year-old man who witnesses saw open fire in the Holocaust Memorial Museum had grown increasingly unhappy in recent weeks, reports the Washington Post. One fellow white separatist said von Brunn "was barely making it" after his Social Security payments were cut, which... More »

'Gentle Giant' Mourned After Museum Shooting

'Outstanding' guard hailed as a hero

(Newser) - Colleagues at the National Holocaust Museum remember slain security guard Stephen Johns as unfailingly courteous and friendly, the Washington Post reports. The 39-year-old guard was killed in the line of duty yesterday when a gunman walked into the museum and opened fire. "There are no words to express our... More »

Shooter Tried to 'Arrest' Fed Members in 1981

Von Brunn served 6 years in prison

(Newser) - Details about the twisted past of the elderly man who killed a guard at the US Holocaust Museum continues to surface. In a bizarre incident in 1981, James von Brunn, then 62, stormed into the Federal Reserve's headquarters in DC armed with two guns, a knife, and a fake bomb,... More »

Ex-Wife: Museum Shooter's Racism 'Ate Him Alive'

He said he would 'go out with boots on'

(Newser) - The white supremacist who allegedly opened fire in the US Holocaust Museum today, killing a security guard, has a hatred of Jews and blacks that “ate him alive like a cancer,” his ex-wife tells the New York Daily News. She said James von Brunn—news reports have differed... More »

Holocaust Museum Shooter Is White Supremacist; Guard Killed

His rambling site has racist, anti-Semitic rants

(Newser) - White supremacist James Von Brunn is the injured suspect in today’s shooting of a National Holocaust Museum security guard, police tell the Washington Post. The guard has since died of his injuries at a local hospital, sources tell WJLA-TV. On his anti-Semitic website, von Brunn, 88, claims he served... More »

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