Jar Jar Binks

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6 Reasons Avatar Will Suck

Does anyone else see the Jar Jar Binks similarities?

(Newser) - James Cameron’s follow-up to the hugely successful Titanic has been eagerly anticipated for more than 10 years—and when Avatar finally arrives, it will be...completely awful. Richard Rushfield explains why for Gawker :
  1. Directors’ dream projects typically fall flat: See: Spielberg’s 1941, Lucas’s The Phantom Menace.
  2. Speaking
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Transformers From 'Da Hood' Spark Racism Charges

New characters compared to Jar Jar Binks

(Newser) - Critics are comparing Transformers to Star Wars, and not in a good way, E! reports. Twin autobots Skids and Mudflap are causing an uproar over ethnic stereotypes. The new characters are from “da hood,” can’t read, and inspired one critic to describe them as—horrors!—“... More »

2 Stories