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McCain Rips Fox Anchor Over 'Allahu Akbar'

Kilmeade thinks the comment is offensive, McCain recoils

(Newser) - John McCain has been taking some flak from Fox News, whose anchors have been accusing him of "bailing out" President Obama by backing the notion of a military strike on Syria, reports Mediaite . The tensions seemed to spill over in a recent segment in which host Brian Kilmeade played... More »

Fox's Kilmeade Sorry for Yank 'Purity' Gaffe

(Newser) - Brian Kilmeade of Fox and Friends has "sincerely apologized" for saying Americans might not be as vigorous as Scandinavians because they're not as "pure." It "was not my intention to offend anyone," Kilmeade said on the air yesterday. Several people demanded an apology after Kilmeade... More »

Fox's Kilmeade Decries Ethnic Mixing of 'Pure' Yanks

(Newser) - Fox and Friends anchor Brian Kilmeade yesterday lamented the ethnic mixing that has diluted "pure" Americans, Gawker points out. He made his comments as he criticized a study concluding that married people stave off dementia better than singles. Kilmeade insisted the results were skewed because the Scandinavian study used... More »

3 Stories