Bill Posey

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Meet the Birthers in Congress

Salon calls out lawmakers reluctant to admit Obama's a citizen

(Newser) - The “birther” movement isn’t relegated to backwoods crazies—many members of Congress are perfectly willing to throw fuel on the fire. Salon calls out the Hill’s known birthers:
  • Rep. Bill Posey: Congress’ first birther, the Florida Republican is the sponsor of a bill requiring presidents to submit
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Hill Aide Threatens Pesky War Widow With Jail

(Newser) - An apparently harried congressional aide picked the wrong woman to threaten with police action, Fox News reports. Marianne Stringer, widow of a Vietnam veteran, was petitioning congressmen to oppose a decrease in benefits for veterans’ spouses. When she politely emailed the office of a reticent lawmaker, the aide shot back... More »

2 Stories