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25 Greatest Sports Films

Scorsese's 'Raging Bull' takes top spot

(Newser) - Missing the heart-pounding drama and heartwarming victories of the Olympics? Allow Paste to help you out with the 25 greatest sports movies of all time. The top five:
  1. Raging Bull: The Martin Scorsese film stars Robert De Niro as boxer Jake LaMotta, and the "compelling character study" is "
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Movie Baseball All-Stars

Nerve assembles the greatest team fiction can provide

(Newser) - Baseball season starts tomorrow, but the folks at Nerve couldn’t wait. So they watched a bunch of baseball movies and compiled their list of the greatest team fiction can provide. See their picks in the gallery. More »

Vince Lombardi Biopic Will Be Best Sports Flick 'Ever'

If famed Packers coach's quotes don't do it, De Niro surely will

(Newser) - The upcoming movie starring Robert De Niro as Vince Lombardi will undoubtedly be the “greatest sports movie ever,” Julian Sancton writes. The famed Green Bay Packers coach was an inexhaustible source of quotable remarks, and a top-notch sports flick must have at least one memorable line, he writes... More »

Bullock Shines in Crowd-Pleasing Blind Side

Football chick flick lacks suspense, delivers happy ending

(Newser) - The Blind Side lacks inherent suspense—it's based on the true story of Michael Oher, a rookie offensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. But the tale of a homeless African-American teen adopted by big-hearted white yuppies, at bottom a Sandra Bullock vehicle, goes over big in football country.
  • Writer-director John
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More Than a Game Shoots for the Heart

Movie inspires cheers, eye-rolls

(Newser) - More Than a Game, a documentary following LeBron James and his high school teammates, does its best to be an inspirational movie, and for some it works. For others, it inspires eye-rolling. Here’s what they’re saying:
  • It’s like a classic high school sports movie, writes Owen Glieberman
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Big Fan Scores with Critics

(Newser) - Critics are big fans of Big Fan, a funny yet tragic look at football devotees directed by The Wrestler screenwriter Robert Siegel. Here’s what they’re saying:  
  • Star Patton Oswalt “gives a tour de force performance,” writes Ray Greene of Box Office Magazine, and Siegel finds
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The Greatest Sports Movies Ever Made

(Newser) - After a "bloody battle royale," the sports staff of the New York Daily News has anointed the best sports films of all time. Among the contenders:
  • Raging Bull: Robert De Niro's knockout performance as boxer Jake LaMotta makes this one of the greatest movies of any kind ever
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Best Sports Movie Pep Talks

When you're down, these clips can get you going

(Newser) - World got you down? Let one of these coaches buck you up: AskMen picks the best sports movie inspirational talks. The top five:
  1. Kurt Russell, Miracle: “If we played ‘em 10 times, they might win nine. But not this game.”
  2. Al Pacino, Any Given Sunday: “You
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