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Senator Apologizes for Guy-in-a-Tutu Anecdote

Wyoming's Mike Enzi was making a point about LGBT rights

(Newser) - Sen. Mike Enzi's attempt to use a folksy anecdote during a discussion about LGBT rights has resulted in him apologizing for a "poor choice of words." During an appearance at a local high school last Thursday, a sophomore asked the Wyoming Republican how he'll protect those... More »

Kids' Health Issues Drove Cheney's Exit

Politico delves into last days of her campaign

(Newser) - What was behind Liz Cheney's sudden, surprise exit from the Wyoming Senate race? Up until two days before Christmas, during her team's final conference call, Cheney seemed gung-ho about the campaign. But, considering the various troubles that have plagued the campaign, including a public family feud and other... More »

Liz Cheney Exits Senate Race

Citing 'serious health issues' in family

(Newser) - Things might now settle down around the Cheney family dinner table: Liz Cheney is dropping her controversial bid for a Senate seat in Wyoming. Cheney announced today she is dropping out of the race that sparked a very public feud with sister Mary and her wife over gay marriage, Politico... More »

Republicans Turn Up Heat on Sebelius (Sort of)

President stands by health secretary despite (some) pressure from GOP

(Newser) - Ten Republican senators sent a letter to President Obama yesterday demanding that he fire Kathleen Sebelius over ObamaCare's online debut, but Obama wasted no time in reaffirming his support for the embattled Health and Human Services secretary. "If a similar rollout from any other national company or private-sector... More »

Liz Cheney Courts Controversy in Wyoming

Has already faced more scandal in a few months than opponent has in 40 years

(Newser) - Liz Cheney and her 2014 Senate seat opponent Mike Enzi may both be conservative Republicans in Wyoming, but there's one thing they don't have in common. In the months since Cheney announced her candidacy , she has managed to court more controversy than Enzi has in his entire 40-year... More »

Liz Cheney Hooked by Fishing License Lie

Senate hopeful coughs up $220 for making false statement

(Newser) - Liz Cheney might be able to take one of Wyoming's Senate seats next year—but she can't go near the state's fish yet. Cheney has posted a $220 bond on a charge of making a false statement to procure a fishing license, the Jackson Hole Daily reports.... More »

Liz Cheney Running for Senate—Against Republican

She will challenge incumbent Mike Enzi in Wyoming

(Newser) - Liz Cheney announced today that she's running for the Senate in Wyoming next year, reports AP . The news isn't a huge surprise, notes Slate , but it's especially interesting because of one salient fact: She's trying to oust a fellow Republican. And that Republican, 69-year-old Mike Enzi,... More »

Liz Cheney Could Incite GOP Civil War With Senate Run

She wants Mike Enzi's seat—so does he

(Newser) - Liz "Daughter of Dick" Cheney's political ambitions have been well known for some time , but some in the party believe her designs on running for a Senate seat in Wyoming in 2014 are a bit premature, the New York Times reports. That's because the seat she wants... More »

Baucus Touts His Bipartisan Bill—Alone

(Newser) - Max Baucus took to the Wall Street Journal opinion page today to make the case for the health care reform bill he’s unveiling this morning. “Our plan would lower costs and would not add to the federal deficit,” he declares in the first of many statements about... More »

Wife-Beating Branded a 'Pre-Existing Condition'

Eight states allow insurance firms to deny coverage to abused spouses

(Newser) - It is legal in eight states and in DC for insurers to reject victims of domestic violence because being beaten up by your spouse qualifies as "a pre-existing health condition" the Huffington Post reports. If you're in a marriage where it's happened once, the logic goes, you're more likely... More »

Baucus to Push for Bipartisan Health Bill

'Gang of six' chair will test whether GOP has any interest

(Newser) - Democratic Senator Max Baucus said today he will test the waters of bipartisanship in health care reform, the New York Times reports. After a month of angry nationwide debate, the Senate Finance Committee chair plans to present the bipartisan group of six with a formal health proposal as early as... More »

Health Reform 'Gang of Six' at Death's Door

Bipartisan effort has devolved into sniping, members showboating

(Newser) - The bipartisan “Gang of Six” lawmakers working on health care reform looks like history, Ezra Klein reports in the Washington Post. Yesterday, the White House slammed one of the group’s members, Sen. Mike Enzi, after he trashed the Democratic plan for "making the economy sicker without saving... More »

Obama Picks Up Steam in Congress Over F-22 Funds

Lawmakers had opposed Prez's bid to cut money

(Newser) - In a shift, the White House looks likely to win over Congress in its bid to cut $1.7 billion in funding for the F-22 fighter jet, Politico reports. Congress had looked set to support the measure last week, but the administration is pressing hard with Defense Secretary Robert Gates... More »

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