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Twilight Bites, Wins 7 Razzies

'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' is this year's horrible movie

(Newser) - The Twilight series went out with a boo-hiss last night, swiping seven Razzies that included Worst Picture and Worst Actress honors for Kristen Stewart. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 beat out such non-luminaries as Battleship , A Thousand Words, Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, and That's My Boy! for the... More »

Breaking Dawn Gets 11 Razzie Noms

And bad film awards show only has 10 categories

(Newser) - A nice bit of schadenfreude for Twilight haters: Breaking Dawn Part 2, the merciful final installment in the vampire saga, leads this year's nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards (aka Razzies), which honor the year's worst films. It managed to grab a nomination in each of the 10... More »

Twilight Is Over, Critics Rejoice

'May it be an eternity before you're relaunched or rebooted,' writes one

(Newser) - Today's premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 brings with it one piece of good news for critics who have had to review the whole thing: That's it for the Twilight saga ... unless, of course, Stephenie Meyer writes more books. Some of the best lines floating around the... More »

Breaking Dawn Dominates Box Office Yet Again

Latest 'Twilight' apparently has staying power

(Newser) - Despite the fact that it's downright terrible and may also cause you to have a seizure , the latest Twilight movie apparently isn't going anywhere. Breaking Dawn grabbed the No. 1 box office spot for the third straight weekend , the LA Times reports, pulling in another $16.9 million.... More »

Last Twilight Film Will Likely Split in 2

Summit considers splitting Breaking Dawn into two films, a la Harry

(Newser) - The Twilight vampires have followed Harry Potter and company into the world of hugely successful films—and the last installment could take a cue from the boy wizard. Summit wants to split the final novel, Breaking Dawn, into two pictures just like Warner Brothers did with Harry. There are a... More »

Twilight Scribe Accused of Plagiarism

Dueling vampire novels bear similarities, author says

(Newser) - Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is being accused of ripping off another vampire book, TMZ reports. Jordan Scott claims the series’ fourth installment, Breaking Dawn, bears a “striking and substantial similarity” to her 2006 book The Nocturne, with both including a post-wedding sex scene, a doomed pregnancy, and the death... More »

6 Stories