William Kostric

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Gun-Toting Obama Protester Is a Birther

Secessionist group included among his MySpace friends

(Newser) - William Kostric, the man who showed up to protest at Obama’s town hall meeting yesterday with a loaded gun strapped to his leg, told Chris Matthews that he wasn’t affiliated with birther groups. But a web user by the same name has left a digital trail that proves... More »

Gun-Toting Protester at Obama Event Unrepentant

Tells Chris Matthews it's no big deal

(Newser) - The man who showed up at President Obama's town hall today with a gun defended his right to do just that when grilled by Chris Matthews on his show tonight, reports the Huffington Post. When Matthews asked why he showed up with a weapon strapped to his leg, William Kostric... More »

2 Stories