HG Wells

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Google Doodles Latest Wells Tribute

Crop circles, UFOs, invaders on logo honor British science fiction pioneer

(Newser) - Google has confirmed what many had guessed—that its mysterious UFO-themed logos this month were a tribute to British science fiction writer HG Wells, the Telegraph reports. The latest logo, which features the Martian fighting machines from War of the Worlds, takes Googlers to a list of search results for... More »

Google's New UFO Mystery Solved

Somebody's obsessed with HG Wells

(Newser) - Google has apparently been abducted by aliens. The search engine sent Twitterers on an extraterrestrial mystery hunt this week after Tweeting map coordinates and posting "Google" written in crop circles as its ever-changing Internet logo. The coordinates led to the English town of Woking, which was the landing site... More »

2 Stories