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At Apple Event, Some News From HBO

HBO partnering with Apple for 'HBO Now'

(Newser) - Today's Apple event started off with a bang—but not with an Apple Watch-related bang . First up (after Apple CEO Tim Cook, of course) was HBO CEO Richard Plepler, who announced that HBO is finally launching a stand-alone streaming service with Apple as its "exclusive partner-at-large." The... More »

11 Things to Watch at Today's Big iPad 3 Reveal

But remember, with Apple, nothing is certain: Mashable

(Newser) - Apple is holding another one of its big events today, expected to be the unveiling of the iPad 3. Mashable runs down 11 things to watch for when it begins at 1pm ET:
  • Tim Cook will be "the main attraction." He may not be as theatrical as Steve
... More »

Apple TV Adds 99¢ Rentals

Price covers streaming shows, not downloads

(Newser) - Apple is trying to hammer out deals with TV programmers to allow it to rent individual programs for 99¢ rather than the $1.99 it currently charges to permanently download a program in standard definition, sources tell NewTeeVee . Users will have 30 days to watch each rental, and unlike the... More »

After Beating Back HD DVD, Blu-Ray Hardly in Clear

Satellite, cable, internet offers enough HD options to keep buyers on fence

(Newser) - Blu-ray might have won the battle against Toshiba’s HD DVD, but it may still be losing the high-definition war as it is forced to compete with other sources of HD content, the Wall Street Journal reports. With cable and satellite TV providers offering more HD channels and video-on-demand services,... More »

Amazon to Launch On-Demand Video Streaming

Service to rival Netflix will be up and running within weeks

(Newser) - Amazon plans to open the sluices for pay-per-view video streaming within weeks, Reuters reports. The Internet retail giant already rents videos for download via the Web but is enhancing its digital media service to better compete with rivals like Apple and Netflix. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos told a conference yesterday... More »

The Real Macworld Scoop: Video Podcasts on Apple TV

Under the radar advancement offers new world of free programming

(Newser) - Thin laptops and online movie rentals got the hype, but NY Times blogger Saul Hansell says the real news from Macworld is the inclusion of video podcasts on Apple TV. This opens up a new world of free, ad-supported, on-demand programming on our televisions, which he predicts will eventually outperform... More »

Cable Companies to Apple: OK, Let's Rumble

Jobs plans video push, but Hollywood doesn't plan to give him any special deals

(Newser) - Steve Jobs wants to take the world of video entertainment by storm, but Hollywood and the cable companies aren’t scared, reports BusinessWeek. Apple is planning an iTunes movie rental service and is well on its way to sealed deals with four major movie studios, but it’s not getting... More »

New OS Delay Shows Strains At Apple

"They've shaken people's confidence in their ability to execute," says analyst

(Newser) - The iPhone is coming on time, but at a price: Apple's new Leopard operating system is on hold until October. The decision reflects an overstretched company that's expanding faster than its small staff can handle, analysts say. Apple's talent for innovation, showcased by products like the iPod—and more recently,... More »

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