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Here's the First New Hershey's Bar Since 1995

Introducing Hershey's Gold

(Newser) - The first new candy bar to carry the Hershey's name in more than two decades is set to hit shelves next month, the AP reports. The Hershey, Pennsylvania-based candy maker says Hershey's Gold will go on sale Dec. 1. It's described as a caramelized cream bar embedded... More »

Man Takes Hershey's to Court for Under-Filled Candy Boxes

Missouri man unsatisfied with $1 boxes of Whoppers, Reese's Pieces

(Newser) - Hell hath no fury like a sweet tooth scorned. Consumerist reports a Missouri man disappointed with the amount of candy in his boxes of Reese's Pieces and Whoppers is suing Hershey's. According to KCUR , Robert Bratton bought a number of boxes of each candy at a grocery store... More »

Your Favorite Hershey's Treat May Be Shrinking Soon

The company has vowed to cut calories in its products by 2022

(Newser) - By 2022, half of all Hershey's individually wrapped sweets will contain 200 calories or fewer, USA Today reports. And sure, according to Penn Live , that means your chocolate bar might be a tad smaller. But it will also allow you to—in the words of the company—make "... More »

Hershey's Will Start Selling Meat Bars

Yes, you read that right

(Newser) - It's what every young child desperately saves his or her allowance for: the chance to go to the supermarket and buy a delicious Hershey's ... blueberry barbecue beef bar. Yes, that's a meat bar, though "we aren't going out there saying it is a meat bar,... More »

Reese's Peanut Butter 'Trees' Cause Mass Confusion

The attempt at pumpkins had similar results

(Newser) - It is a tree? Is it a turd? Is it worth getting upset about? Some say yes to the last and are taking to social media to complain about the blob-like shape of the Hershey Company's latest attempt to make holiday-themed Reese's peanut butter cups, reports CNN —... More »

Hershey to Close Original Factory

Chocolatier says it must cut 500 workers to stay competitive

(Newser) - Hershey, Penn., is about to lose its eponymous chocolate factory. It’s not going far—the company is building a new factory just outside of town—but the closure still represents the end of an era, and will result in the loss of close to half the current factory’s... More »

Hershey Boosts Prices by 10% as Costs Rise

(Newser) - Chocolate maker Hershey said today it is raising prices by about 10% to offset the new costs of ingredients, Reuters reports. Commodities like cocoa and peanuts are up between 20% and 45%, it said, yet one analyst called the price hike a "real surprise." The candy giant also... More »

Chocoholics: Science Wants You

Scientists hope chemical compound holds key to curbing heart disease

(Newser) - A bar of chocolate a day may keep heart disease away, Reuters reports—or so goes the theory British scientists want to test by recruiting 150 postmenopausal women willing to do their part for science. Eating one bar each day for a year will help study whether a key chemical... More »

Mars Buys Wrigley, With Assist From Buffett

Proposed purchase could push Hershey into merger to compete

(Newser) - M&Ms-maker Mars, backed by Warren Buffett, has made a deal to buy Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. for about $23 billion, reports the New York Times. The acquisition is likely to force other candy makers like Hershey and Cadbury Schweppes into mergers to maintain market share against a powerful conglomerate... More »

100 Years of Kisses

The iconic Hershey's Kiss hits the century mark today

(Newser) - Today the Hershey's Kiss will turn 100 and The Hershey Company is pulling out all the stops. What do you get the candy that has everything?  A U.S. postage stamp?  A 15,026 pound bigger-than-life-size version of itself? A party? Yes.  More »

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