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Tiger Shoots Nike Commercial

In case you care, Woods wore black and red!

(Newser) - For those of you passionately invested in Tiger Woods’ every move : He shot a new commercial yesterday. Apparently Nike still thinks the embattled golfer is good for the brand—its motto is “Just Do It,” after all. Woods shot the ad at a country club golf course near... More »

Tiger Woods Turns Down Gambling Sponsorship

Irish outfit says it'll enhance its $75M offer

(Newser) - You’d think Tiger Woods would be eager for any sponsorship he can get right now, but apparently he still has standards. The Irish gambling outfit Paddy Power says the scandal-plagued golfer has turned down its $75 million sponsorship offer. But the company says it “remains keen” to sign... More »

Tiger Woods: The Real and the Fake

He couldn't hide his real self forever, writes Buzz Bissinger

(Newser) - Tiger Woods has suffered the greatest popularity fall opinion polls have ever recorded for a nonpolitician and the inevitable clash between image and reality is to blame, writes Buzz Bissinger. In an era in which sports stars are expected to screw around, he created a public persona as the perfect... More »

AT&T Dumps Tiger Woods

Sponsor latest to back away from scandal-plagued golfer

(Newser) - AT&T is the latest sponsor to ditch former one-man cash register Tiger Woods, joining Gillette and Accenture in backing away from the golfer amid swirling allegations of infidelity. The telecom had previously graced Woods' golf bag, and co-sponsored a tournament in July with Woods as host. AT&T had... More »

Tiger Scandal Cost Sponsors $12B

Study: Shareholders are the ones who got screwed

(Newser) - The Tiger Woods sex scandal has destroyed a whopping $12 billion in stock value along with the golfer's reputation, according to a University of California study. Economic professors crunched stock data for the weeks after the scandal broke and found that shareholder value in the Tiger-linked companies dropped a total... More »

Elin Hires Top Lawyer for $284M Divorce

Nordegren talks to Sorrell Trope; Woods gets strip club sponsor offer

(Newser) - Elin Nordegren didn’t just get herself any old lawyer—she’s reportedly hired Hollywood's superstar divorce guru Sorrell Trope, and is gearing up to go after nearly $284 million. Trope, whose clients range from Cary Grant to Hugh Grant, specializes in “very high-asset, high-income divorces,” an expert... More »

Elin Making Deal —With Puma?

Nordegren could be face of new line—by Tiger Woods' sponsor's rival

(Newser) - It may not have been her first choice of revenge, but Elin Nordegren’s potential sponsorship deal is pretty good nonetheless. As cheating hubby Tiger Woods keeps losing sponsors, Elin may be gaining one—with (Tiger sponsor) Nike’s arch-rival, Puma. A company official tells TMZ they are in “... More »

Nike: Tiger Affairs a Minor 'Blip'

Company has no plans to drop sponsorship

(Newser) - Other sponsors are backing away from Tiger Woods, but Nike plans to stick with the beleaguered golf champ. The sportsman's indiscretions will be seen as "a minor blip" in the context of his career, Nike chairman and co-founder Phil Knight tells SportsBusiness Journal . The scandal is simply "part... More »

Gillette Will Limit Tiger Woods' Role in Ads

It's the first big sponsor to pull back from the golfer

(Newser) - Gillette today became the first major sponsor of Tiger Woods to distance itself from the scandal. It did not drop him entirely, however. "As Tiger takes a break from the public eye, we will support his desire for privacy by limiting his role in our marketing programs," said... More »

Gatorade Dumps Tiger, 2nd Porn Star Emerges

Woods' ads vanish from primetime TV

(Newser) - Gatorade is the first sponsor to head for the hills in the wake of Tiger Woods' burgeoning sex saga that now links the champ to a second porn star. Pepsico revealed yesterday that it's dropping its Gatorade Tiger Focus drink, but swears it has nothing to do with Woods' dirty... More »

Tiger to Galpal: My Marriage Is a Sham

Plus, marriage 'announcement' likely coming soon

(Newser) - Tiger Woods' marriage is a sham—at least that’s what Tiger told one of his mistresses, according to her lawyer. Michael O’Quinn tells TMZ that Woods told his client—no word on who it is, but she allegedly got down and dirty with Tiger for two years—that... More »

Tiger Offered $5M to Promote Cheaters Site

But sponsors are sticking with him, for now—and likely forever

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ sponsors are sticking by him, but if anything falls through, he has a back-up option…as long as he doesn’t mind endorsing adultery. AshleyMadison.com, a website for cheating spouses, offered the cheating golfer a $5 million promotion deal, TMZ reports. In similar news, porn company Vivid... More »

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